Shop Suggestions

Shop Suggestions

Hello All!

This topic is a shop related suggestion. As you most likely know, Infinite Flight just opened a store for merchandise related to the simulator. This suggestion aims to suggest the creation of some neat merchandise.


Any products that could potentially be sold by the store, some examples are:

  • IF Caps
  • IF Branded velcro badges
  • Aircraft models with the IF livery.
  • Pens
  • Image Canvases (Competitions for best screenshots)
  • Scarfs
  • IF Branded backpacks
  • AirPods case cover
  • Notebooks

Please don’t make me drain my bank account



I think this is a really good idea. If I could vote for this, you would get a vote!

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Hello, Josh! Thanks for the recommendation and for your interest in our new store. This store will be a living organism of sorts and we’ll continue adding various items as we verify their quality and can ensure that it makes logistical sense.

We have a pretty good handle on what our community wants most so I don’t think we need a category or even a topic to tell us what we may already know. If it’s not listed on the store it means we haven’t found a product we’re pleased with, whether look, quality, price, or availability.

Our goal with this store is not to sell cheap “corporate handouts” like you may be used to getting at events. We’d like all of our merchandise to represent the same quality we bring to the app itself. For now we’ll minimize noise and continue our development of the store internally. Cheers!