Shooting stars in Infinite Flight

This topic is a bit random. Shooting Stars are really cool to look at especially on a plane! What do you think about Infinite Flight potentially adding them?

I love listening to Shooting Stars on the plane as well! They should really add it to the game.

It would go well with this as well though


hahahahahahaha nice

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it doesn’t happen often, and i dont really see the use of it.


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i will revenge

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no u

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Random topics are always the most fun! I think it’d be great to have shooting stars, maybe even meteor showers/comets etc! But first? 757-300 >:)

Honestly, I’d like to see shooting stars from time to time. Maybe not a priority but definitely something that could be added.

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I would like to see stars shooting other stars in the midnight sky.

I agree just a little addition they could possibly add in the future

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Sorry, I do find it cool, but I find that this doesn’t have much use, you barely see them and only for a short while.

(We already have shooting stars in the casual server 😂)


hahahaha true true

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(no u)² lmao

Enterprise rent-a-star, I’m available to ruin my reputation on casual server most days…

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If this is added, then is it possible to add meteorites as well? Like if you’re hit by one of those it’s an immediate crash or sth

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