Shooting at Paris

The shootings at Paris has happened again.
I understand that this happens in many places around the world but RIP to those who were affected and i just have to say, i hope they are alright.
9:26PM PDT

#- pray4paris

Amen .

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Dang… #prayforparis

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You know I really don’t want to sound like the mean guy here… No disrespect at all, but this is a flight sim forum :/

Let this be the only topic about the recent events in Paris.


And two airplanes most make an landing because there was maybe a bow on board
I am not sure but maybe A380

There are 3 People died

I don’t mean to stand up to you but this may be a flight sim but there is no harm with opening a thread for our respect for Paris!

A flight from LAX landed at Salt Lake City instead of CDG
I assume this was an A380 if it was Air France because that’s what they operate on this route

Another plane from Washington, DC diverted to Halifax in Newfoundland

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Why can’t we just have one Paris topic and add new info to it when it comes. All these topics about Paris is getting annoying.

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There, keep everything related to Paris in the topic above.

Almost every aviation website in America has a forum and in those forums they almost always have a General [Non-Aviation Related] section. If you’re going to moderate effectively, please include the words “Aviation Related Only” next to each category.

That will help with confusion in my opinion.



Second set?

Ok, may a mod close this please?

Mods don’t have the ability to edit categories (at least I don’t). It should be obvious that “General” means related to Infinite Flight, not off-topic discussion about things completely unrelated.

Btw, I searched for another topic like this and couldn’t find anything. But that Rotate found it, let’s keep it all there.