Shocking behaviour on the Expert Server - Something finally needs to happen!

Hello there,
I just had a one hour ATC session at KLAX on the Expert Server and I’m outraged and shocked like never before. I do understand the excitement about the new update that just came, I absolutely rejoice it myself, but it feels like some pilots seem to just want to fly it and forget where they are.

I had pilots pilots taking off without permisson, pilots not changing frequency, even if they already were on final at their destination airport, pilots having no idea how to say intentions, pilots with generally no idea how to react to ATC instructions, pilots calling inbound several times after having recieved landing clearance, pilots, so impatient that they request the exact same thing 3 times although already having been warned that the frequency is busy and that they should be patient for gods sake, pilots issueing a go around and still landing after they have been perfectly sequenced for their second approach and even pilots taking off from their gate without communication with ATC at all.








Those were by far not all.

The total number of ghostings in this session is in the 2-digit area.
In one hour. On the Expert Server.

And this goes too far.
Much too far, very much too far.

This is the Expert Server!
Things I expect from a pilot flying on this server are:

  • Absolute knowledge about all ATC instructions
  • Correct acting to all ATC instructions
  • Full control about them and their plane
  • Good patience (If you are in a hurry, do not fly on the Expert Server)
  • Realistic airmanship
  • Capability of distinguishing runway numbers (this is something about 50% of my inbounds today didn’t have)
  • Knowledge about airport markings (the airport access road is not a taxiway, the hold short not a plane spotting location)
  • Capability of short-term reaction
  • Knowledge about when to change frequencies
  • Reading all ATC instructions closely and not just acknowledging them

This is the absolute least of what you need to be able to / have when flying on the Expert Server.

I joined IFATC to finally controll serious pilots on the Advanced (back then) Server. That were my expectations, my impression now is that is can get worse than on the Training Servers not rarely.
And I finally want to see something happen.
I’ve been tolerating this long enough, this exceeds the absolute border.

I’ll drop a short list of suggesstions to make the expert server to what it was months ago again and I hope at least one is taken into consideration.

  • Ability to ghost for a longer period of time with approval from an ATC Moderator
  • Higher statistic requirements to join the Expert Server (Flight time, XP, the good old standing…)
  • Expert Server entrance test
  • Automatic Expert Server long-term ban at 3-5 ghosts in a certain timespan
  • “Flying Patrols” / players with the opportunity to ghost players if they are acting inappropriately if there’s no ATC
  • Various loading screens with information about how to interact with ATC / behave on the Expert Server
  • XP reduction for every ghost

Thanks for reading, hope the correct persons will see and take a note from this.
Share your own opinions below, I’m excited about getting to know your thoughts and experience to this problem.

BavariaAVIATION, ATC Specialist


Thank you. Recently I have been seeing to many photos of people not taking it seriously. I havemt experienced it yet but it needs to be stopped.


If we make the minimum grade 4 to access the expert server, we’ll lose a large amount of controllers who don’t fly that often.


You could still set the Grade 4 requirement only for pilots, not controllers.


The flying patrols is a good idea. And those who are a part of that should have a good ATC / aviation knowledge too

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About the grading idea I disagree I’ve seen Grade 5’s show lack of knowledge by cutting across grass it is not a sign of experience


Yeah good point actually.


Little harsh I would say.
You completely missed out that maybe flight hours would be a thing. If you can join expert with just some minutes of flight time its obvious things go wrong. However I didnt experience that, I´m still flying and everything seems legit. Lifetime ban is not an option, the 24hr ban is punish enough ( for me … ).

gz, from Bavaria too


I think bump up with grade 3 requirements a bit.


but otherwise I think Flying Patrols (server moderators I assume) and an entrance test needs to be implemented.

I had a plane cross the runaway in front of me while taking off earlier but the controller apologised and I a wooded any contact so I took of again without any issue, I understand the controllers are under pressure right now so I don’t mind what happend as there are lots of people like me eager to fly the new planes

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Ghosting a player for a month year😂 that’s just a terrible suggestion and automatic lifetime ban is also not a good One. Flying Patrols is a nice suggestion and a test to enter expert server is time consuming. Best suggestion I would say is grade 4 requirement.

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MaxSez. @BavariaAVIATION… Just another revolting development. Those dang Pilots when will they ever learn! Same old song differant frustrated singer. The only solutions offered by my learned friend with merit is the “Pre-Testing” requirement for Expert Server access. The Grade 4, “Patrol”, Ban and extended Ghost punishments are losers. Loser’s because you’ll PO and drive the paying customers away. Corporal Punishment and you pay your money you take your chance don’t work. At some point this hurrah will find a spot in the App Store reviews and the star count will be effected, There is a better way, Grade 2 Ground School plus procedural knowledge and practicum testing for advancement are suggested solutions. What’s good for the FAA should be good for IF. It’s a good thing.

(“Shocking Behavior”. Kinda grabs you don’t it! A real attention getter. The term also would be an excellant header for a new catagory. Ya know a quite place to vent & rage when the great unwashed don’t meet your high expectations. 2 digit Ghostings, not a record but it’s telling. “Like snakes there are “Punishers” on this plane” Pilots beware!


I think the old system worked better in my eyes, it made me into a decent pilot because previously I was like a grade 1 noob


The 3rd bavarian agrees with the second:-). I guess the punishment options that are available are sufficient. Did you ghost anybody bavaria aviation?

Calm down, it’ll be better tomorrow once eveyone had his 787 spin.

Regards from far away from bavarian home

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Yes. This needs to be done, especially the minimum Grade 4 requirement. Too many G3s flying about at 549kts not taking the whole thing seriously.

i agree but people at grade 3 will then get to grade 4 and then be annoying. give it time and it will happen

Ok but at least you get to cut them from that server for a bit, plus with more experience and understanding on the Training server they’ll become better pilots with it.