Shocking behavior on the Expert Server

Agreed and I hope it gets fixed soon


Very true, many people just like to do touch and goes and spam to the top. without actually knowing how to play the game and learn to understand. Maybe Infinte flight should comprise of a tutorial on things to know and how to play before heading to expert server as well. It might cut back on immature players.

I have had the same poor behavior happen twice recently. With someone crossing right in front of me constantly in cruise.

I’d have to disagree and agree there, I’m all for using the right terminals and all but not everyone know where airlines park at the terminal, as I live outside the US I wouldn’t know what to use for AA, United, Southwest etc at JFK,LAX, DALLAS etc maybe if there was an approach plate before you spawned in and based on the airline you chose it would pick the most suitable parking I agree, but when it comes to knowing these things if you don’t often fly from there IRL

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Think the point/preference for that is if you fly consistently on expert, it would be nice to take the extra 15 seconds to google the terminal map of the airport to see which airlines fly where.

I personally utilize the helpful airport guides on the forum, or Flightaware. It’s a small effort but makes a big difference to everyone when you fly into an airport and all the airlines are more or less properly placed.


Don’t get me wrong I’m all for airlines/pilots using the correct terminals, however with so many low-time pilots on the Expert Server you’ll always get the wrong aircraft parked incorrectly. With BAVA (BA Virtual Airlines) it’s nice as it gives you the terminals in which to depart. But on a wider note I don’t think it’s viable and I don’t think guys and girls will make that effort, just going off from when I’m controlling with low time guys and experienced guys they taxi/fly as if they own the airspace.

It’s a good idea but very ambitious

Let’s just say I have experienced this before not once but twice both in India and it is just shocking what people are doing on expert these days take a look at these screenshots I’m about to show you and it shows.

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Is that vidp

The bottoms one is

I have luckily not been involved with any trolls. I do suggest a Perm Ban system for the Expert server for repeat offenders who are doing it on purpose. Like if you just get Overspeed or aerobatics violations fine not a big deal no Ban but if your consistently going into other aircraft for no reason then it’s enough to get a Perm ban from that server or you get a certain time length on a ban.

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After my nice flight from Paris to Denver, this happened right in between the controller change.
This guy even cut someone off who was already on his take-off run… not even announcing that he’s about to cross the runway.

As I mentioned somewhere above already, it’s 90% of pilots with an ‘Identifier’ only who do stuff like this.
Once again I’m asking to get rid of these ‘ID’ pilots on the ES. No IFC Account, no Expert Server, simple!

PS. Might delete this picture later before I get sued by Airbus and Boeing :D


Adding on to this you could make a way it bans the IP so then its basically impossible to make an Alt account.

I don’t think a perm ban is the right way to go about this, people change, I’m sure there would be a few good pilots who used to be trolls and everyone deserves a chance to change,
People should be punished much more heavily for offences like you mentioned (crashing into others ect) and it’s not strict enough as it is.

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I’ve seen stuff like this so many times. A controller will tell an aircraft to go around, the aircraft replies with going around, and proceeds to land with another aircraft on the runway. Then they disappeared cuz they got reported. I had to go around at WIII once because an aircraft was told to hold short but proceeded to line up on the runway.