Shocking behavior on the Expert Server

HI IFC, these days, I see more and more complaints against the actions of users taken on the Expert Server. Today, I experienced one of these. Before I get into what happened, I just wanted to say that the Expert Server is for real-life flying, and many of the pilots flying on the server don’t know real-world procedures or even normal flying rules. In addition to this, I think it would really great to increase the requirements for the Expert Server because the behavior of some people really ruins the experience of the others who are trying to experience a realistic flying experience.


I was on final at SCEL (Santiago airport) ATC was only active for some time, but this occurred after ATC went. Some 5 pilots decided to all land on the same runway with barely any distance (as seen in the image) not only this, but these pilots wouldn’t adjust to accommodate the other aircraft, luckily I was able to manage by doing a 360 and speed adjustments and I changed my runway. But it really is disappointing to see the state of the ‘Expert Server’ these days.

(An aircraft pushing back just meters close to my tail at AEP/SABE)

On a final note, to all the pilots out there, I, and others in the Expert Server would really appreciate it if you would fly in a civil manner. Please keep in mind, that other people are also playing the game and your actions could really damage their experience.

Thank You for reading this!.. 😀


I need Everyone including ATC to understand that anything less than 4 mile separation guarantees a go around. Trust me I’ve played this game long enough to know.


I get that not everyone is gonna lookup realistic procedures and fly professionally, but in my opinion most people that play IF are playing it as they can’t afford or aren’t able to own a PC. So many people like myself obviously want a realistic environment on the expert server


No no no, not ’ c’mon dude’ He’s right and everyone else complaining are right as well.
If you don’t take it serious, please move over and go to the TS/CS and stay there.
Ridiculous actions by ‘Identifier’ Pilots and new pilots have been increased drastically in the past few weeks in my opinion.

It’s the lack of knowledge and respect on the ES. Everyone thinking they own the airport and can do whatever they want to do. NO!

We pay a lot of money each month, some who have to work their butts off for a monthly sub and we end up with this stuff. This is NOT how the ES once was so any frustation is valid here.

We had a lot of awesome updates in the past year but this also brought a lot of trouble.

And don’t look surprised if the IFC will be full of complaints in the near future as VA members are completely done with this.

It’s time for the staff team of IF to take actions!


Well said man. I love the sim, only the thing I don’t like is the unprofessional pilots. But like most games, they keep requirements low so the people don’t loose interest while working their way up.


We spend $10 a month ($80 a year) to have a fun time but it gets annoying with trolls


Very true! Requirements are way to low and should be raised. More flight time, landings and more strict rules for new pilots on the ES. Put them on watch for the first 2 weeks or something like that. I’m pretty sure they can put something into the game that sends the staff team a message when a new pilot is missbehaving. Give them a pretty good warning and if it happens again you get banned and send back to TS for a month.

Sounds harsh but harsh problems need harsh solutions…


How “strange”. I was 1st on landing, while some Air China dude was behind me like 5nm. Tower went off, the dude accelerate like crazy so ended up from 5 to a 2nm separation, trying to force me a g/a. Just the same situation that yours, right now.

We need this to stop. Is really annoying when pilots don’t care about each other, or they try to go first.

(Also, I’ve seen that the ATC wasn’t aware at all lately.)


Truthfully, I believe that getting rid of the possibility to fly in the Live servers without an IFC account already takes care of a lot of these issues.

Next to that I believe that grades should be more about violation ratios than about landings and flight time, and the latter two are quite easy to complete. I see some pilots with nearly 500 violations in the expert server, and it’s mostly them who behave badly.

Perhaps it’d be an idea to add more automatic violations, such as failure to maintain separation (in air and on ground), using the grass/unpaved areas and parking stands to taxi and so on!

This issue is becoming worse by the day, and I believe it can be fixed by simply being stricter and enforcing the rules more in the flows of zero tolerance.

Harsh, but necessary.


I would say something like this isn’t very feasible as it’s very difficult to make a system know whose at fault for the collision / loss of separation. However, I also do agree that taxiing off the airport would make sense as an addition to the level one automatic violations. A priority of who gets into ES should be mainly based around your violation count and how many rules you’ve broken rather than just landings and flight time. I believe that’d significantly reduce the amount of inconvenient pilots you’ll come across on the expert server.


You are right, that is indeed a bit difficult for a computer to decide.

Glad we’re on the same page with the other things I’ve said :)


I saw taxiing through someone with active ground, and went away, no vio no nothing. I think IFATC will need to check the standards too cuz I’m seeing controllers who are totally unaware on what is going on, especially in the ground.

So the issue is affecting on the pilots and controllers unfortunately.


That is indeed unsatisfactory… but I could understand when it’s a 100 inbound, 100 outbound airport, quite easy to miss those things I imagine…


Thats what im thinking. Everyone on expert should need a IFC account because it is not much different than a account for a game like EA account for madden. The only issue I could see is parents not letting the person who wants to be expert a account because of comunity in the name but there could be a differnt acount linked to the IFC.


And I understand that, but maybe IF isn’t a thing for them then as I imagine most of those you are referring to are young children.


Personally I think the violation boundary needs to be changed for the expert server. A lot of the trolls have a very high amount of Level 1 violations, and do not care. I think that the landing:violation ratio should be somethin like 0.25 or similar for the expert server


I get your point, and you’re right; but what I’m trying to say is that I feel some of the controllers are controlling busy airports without enough experience (yeah, they’ll learn, but they get into it sooo quickly)

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Far lower if you’d ask me lol. 0.1 at max

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Yesterday at OTHH some guy over took me on the cargo gates. I’m the KLM plane btw.


Here’s the thing, it depends on what requirements. You can add more flight time and landings, but that just means the grade requirements are inflated, it doesn’t mean much about the aptitude of the pilot.

Another thing with this, what exactly would constitute that a pilot is misbehaving (what would be classified as misbehaving?). Also, staff team can’t sit around trying to ensure pilots are flying correctly, or else we aren’t going to get any updates or maintenance on the simulator. (Consider the number of pilot reports that would end up being sent over too).

We ultimately do need a solution, but I believe flight time and landings won’t cut it.