Shiv’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN PASSED] [PRACTICAL TEST TODAY Wed 20th May]

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my tracking thread.

I am currently undergoing practical training to become IFATC after having passed my written test.


I need help with sequencing so I’d appreciate it if you could come and help me practice and leave feedback


Please feel free to come and criticise as much as you want down below!



Ground + tower now open

Hey Shiv,
You did great at PGUM. only a few reminders.
TA always airport elev. + 2500. In this case 3000ft.
When I came overhead after transition you gave instantly a clearance without pattern entry. Pattern entry, sequence(when needed), clearance (with direction when needed).
At the end this was perfect so you know how it goes, stick to it! 😉
A very good thing was the “check rwy” command. This shows you’ve got a good awareness of what’s going on. Good job! (In the future your trainer will say it was to close to the rwy and a “go around” command would be better but that’s a detail).
Keep it up like this, cheers,

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Thank you so much for coming and the detailed feedback! Hope to see you again soon!


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Thank you to everyone who came!

Will be opening up again tomorrow

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Hi, I was N629LO. Everything was good for me. You made good use of the backtaxi command so nice job on that. You also had good sequencing, handled my runway change perfectly, and you cleared me correctly for each option.
It doesn’t look like N3905KL provided feedback so I’ll point something out. When N3905KL, who was sequenced number 2 on 6R following me, announced full stop on 6R, all that was needed was “roger.” He was already cleared for number 2 for the option on 6R and didn’t request a runway change. Therefore he didn’t need a runway change and second clearance for 6L. If you wanted him to change runways though, he should have also gotten a pattern entry for 6L.

That was really the only thing I noticed. Everything else was really good.

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Hi Colin,

Thank you so much for the feedback and I’m glad to hear you felt I sequenced you properly. Regarding N3905KL I didn’t feel you’d be wheels up before he touched down so wanted him to change runway but next time I’ll be sure to include pattern instructions! Thank you for coming!


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Open at KSEA, pattern work, using 34 end for arrivals + departures for patterns

Now closed, thanks to everyone who came!

You were great :)

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Thank you for coming!!

Open at OMDB for couple of hours, using rwy 30L + R for both arrivals and departures

Now closed, thank you to everyone who came.

Open at Seattle for a couple of hours again today, using 16 side for ops

Relocated to Muscat (OOMS)

USING RWYs: 26L and 26R

Come down and do some patterns - feedback is appreciated

METAR: OOMS 131850Z 21003KT 170V310 CAVOK 31/12 Q1004 NOSIG

Now closed

Ground + Tower open at LFBO come down for some pattern work. Will be open for an hour or two depending on traffic

Closed now

Open at LFBO

Now closed, thanks to everyone who came!