Ship 1701 (No not that 1701)

Ship 1701 just after being pushed back into the stall after complete another high level cruise test over the state of Washington this evening to and from KPAE. I’m no beta tester, but I love to role play at things all the time, especially when flying this ship as if it was “The U.S.S Enterprise.”.

Of course, I’m sure there’s many others on here who love to role play like me.

Photo taken at 6:50PM PST @ KPAE on the Casual Server. Photo enhanced with Adobe Lightroom.


I love to role play touch and go session from a European hub to Châteauroux, where you can see A319 pilots training followed by A380 coming for long term parking. Quite a sight

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That’s a mighty fine photo you got there, great work!

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