Shiny Pink Plane in the Mountains

Hey IFC!

Yesterday I decided to do some flying and chose a beautiful scenic route from Larnaca in Cyprus to the green mountains of Skopje in North Macedonia. Enjoy!

Flight Details

Flight time: 2 hours
Server: Expert
Plane: Shiny Wizzair A320

Parked at the gate

Gear Up!

Cruising over Greece

Zooming past the mountains

Soaring low over the Valley

Fast forward to landing

Reversers out!

Parked up at the gate

Hope you enjoyed!

Bye 👋


what happened to these ones?

Apologies about the two in the beginning going to have to re-upload them

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wow the last one is SUPER SHINY
nice pictures!

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Thanks! And yes the last one is pretty shiny 😉

Problem is fixed!