Shiny Pencil Saturday

Hellllooooo people! So I haven’t posted since January 15, and I’m sorry about that, I know literally nobody cares that I haven’t posted (as they shouldn’t) so I’m more sorry to myself for being the lazy procrastinator that I am. Anyways, I’ve been doing a lot of flying so I realized I should have enough photos to make a compilation, and I definitely do, I have enough for a few more posts too. Recently my photos haven’t been as good so hopefully these are better!

Taking the Dash 8 Q400 on a route operated by Seaborne Caribbean Airlines, from San Juan to the amazing approach into Dominica, An island in the Eastern Caribbean

On descent into Tegucigalpa flying past the mountains of Central America

Making the famous turn to align with the runway in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Lining up in San Diego for a flight out to Honolulu on the island of Oahu, also known as “The Gathering Place”

Taxiing to the gate in Honolulu after a flight from the West Coast and San Diego

Rolling down the taxiway in Maui as @RTG113 slams the 717 into the Hawaiian dirt

Climbing out of Honolulu at sunset in the thick 777 for a redeye out to Chicago

Liftoff out of Zurich in the 787 on a short flight up to London

Cactus 643 Leaving a snow covered Philadelphia under a full moon for the white sands of Aruba

A TAM 777-300ER climbs out of Miami cruising south over the Florida Keys

Please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which is true about San Diego International Airport (In Picture 4)?

  • It is the busiest single runway airport in the world
  • Compass air operated the longest E175 route, from San Diego to Cancun before their closing in 2020
  • San Diego to San Francisco was the 3rd busiest domestic route in 2020

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I was gonna try to say something funny but gave up. Nice photos!


Love the sun and mountains in this shot, great topic!

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Amazing as always Noah😍

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@Aviation108 i try to say funny things too and they never work 😂

@Airborne_Canuck ¡noʎ ʞuɐɥ⊥

@Rian16 thank you Rian!


Where’s the landing pic from this one?

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Awesome photos Noah!

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Ok these shots are banger! Excellent photos!

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Have u seen any Topic on how to do the appr

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THat 757 might be me

What was the Callsign Mine was United 9300

Every Day is a Pencil day. Nice Pictures!


The Alaska livery reminds me of the good old 737-400 days.

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@RTG113 we don’t talk about that

Thank you @MJP_27 !

@USA_ATC thank you! I’m happy you like them

@CaptainAli_yt I’m not sure if there’s a topic, I just looked up an approach chart and followed it, and o don’t think that was you. I flew that route back in early January

@Flying_Pencil every day is pencil day but not shiny pencil day 😂

@IF_International it does! I still like the new livery tho


Ah ok I flew in Jan as well but I think near the end who knows???

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Nice photos! It isn’t really “Hawaiian” dirt, more so Hawaii dirt. 🤙

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It’s almost impossible to land a 717 smoothly.

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Since when did the 787 have gear tilt?

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@CaptainAli_yt maybe it was you then, nobody knows 😂
@Rylan_S1 thanks! i think either would work
@IF_International it is impossible lol and the 787 doesn’t have tilt, it’s just the angle

Amazing pictures mate ! 🛫

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