Shiny Cargo to Houston!

Hi all! Today during the Friday Night Flight event, I flew a solo trip from Guadalajara (MMGL) to Houston Intercontinental (KIAH) which is operated IRL by an Emirates SkyCargo 777-200F. The flight time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Enjoy some Afternoon to Dusk shots!

Ready Playe- Engine 2 πŸ”₯

Engine 2 is up on a smooth run while engine 1 is ready for start-up πŸ’«

Rocketship for Houston πŸš€

Gear up and lets go to Texas! Carrying 95,000lbs of grain and avocados from Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

Taking a close-up on the Dubai Expo 2020 sticker 🌐

Dubai delayed their 2020 Expo to October 1st of this year, originally supposed to start October 20th of 2020.

Cruising by Monterrey’s western mountains β›°

The tallest mountain in this small range is Cerro San Rafael at 12,178ft.

Moon Vibes 🌝

Another quiz time, 6 was the correct answer on the last one!

How many craters are on the moon?
  • 9,137
  • 8,826
  • 735
  • 11,002

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Shiny Sunset Arrivals 🟑

On final for Houston’s 08R :)

Astrojet is ready to go

One of my favorite classic liveries that’s also s h i n y

Your package has arrived πŸ˜ŽπŸ“¦

One reason I love aviation, as one aircraft lands, another takes-off πŸ›«


Nice photos mate! The 777F is a great plane to fly.

I love number 4 btw!

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Surprisingly, the brick was easy to fly this one!

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Very cool photos as always @ItsBlitz!

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Love the photos

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I would not want to be the person who had to count them all

Nice photos! But does @Butter_Boi approve the amount of shiny…


A approve of le shiny.

Awesome photos!


Noice photos Kamryn!

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Ah, that explains the ItsGrainy photo quality.

Jokes aside, awesome shots! I like that EXPO 2020 nose shot.

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