Shine Bright Like a Diamond @KORD

Welcome back to yet another, probably fairly annoying topic of mine, in which I will be featuring pictures of metal tubes about a football field long and 17 Big Macs wide (results may vary). I hope you enjoy!

Starting off with an easy one, it’s N397DA coming in from Seahawk land (Seattle for the non-Americans)

Then from a little further away, came N24972, which came in from Shanghai

Then, departing to Luxembourg, an airport A7-BFG does not belong, is A7-BFG

An arrival from the Far East, it is HL8076, which came in from Los Angles (Los Angeles)

After only 13 hours of flight time, B-16727 came in from Taipei slightly delayed (cmon @TaipeiGuru)

Last one on today’s list is N700CK, which arrived from Anchorage, and who’s brrrt made me deaf for a few minutes

While this was a short one, I wanted to only upload my best shots. I hope you all enjoyed, and whether or not you want to wait until the next one, that’s on you!


Kraken land

-@Kamryn, September 2021

Nice shots, as always @mkwiecek!


Kraken 4ever even though they don’t exist yet 👊

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I need to post. Hot 777s and you finally got some good weather lol

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Oh it’s that famous ORD spot


I did finally get good weather. Should be decent these next few days after the snow tomorrow passes

Gotta love some good snow lightning. Wish we could catch a cloud free snowy day around here.

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Seahawks 5-1 now, Steelers 6-0 #steelernation - a Chicago area native

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Bears 5-1 😎 this May be our season. And yes, I’ve been a bears fan; I’m not just a bandwagon

Where were you spotting today??


Nice photos,

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Nice photos! When I saw the title I was thinking of the song. 😂

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Ohare 😂 different spot tho

That’s what my goal was :)

Yea that’s what I meant. Which spot 😂

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The undisclosed Chicago location

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