Shifting of Runways and Parking slots

Intro : I had a Flight WMKK - WSSS with @Christian.Goddard, @Stephen_Benny and @P_Jheramy
My device : Ipad mini 1
Ios 8.4 Latest IF Version ;)

Above 2 pics show me taxing via a taxi way at WSSS where I see they all parking in the taxiways. But they send pics of they parking at a gate and me Using the grass to taxi

They tell that I had landed wayyy out of the runway and Look , I landed on the runway exactly. But they also had screenshots to say that I never landed on the runway

They tell @P_Jheramy had a great landing but I see that he hasn’t landed on the runway :/


s5, not the latest version when this happened. Currently updating to the latest one:

And what I see on my device is…

And here’s this guy whom I supposed had landed on the runway but I see him landed on the grass…