Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8


As the MAX 8 now winning the poll and will be worked on first, I would like to propose this livery of my home airline to the community!

Shenzhen Airlines, a Star Alliance member, is based in Shenzhen Bao’an Intl Airport (ZGSZ). The airline currently has 7 MAX aircraft with 16 in order. The aircraft is used on a range of domestic routes in and out of Shenzhen.

This airline currently doesn’t have any presence in IF and this aircraft can help change that! Please consider voting!

My first ride on a MAX


I’m all for it.

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How was it? Still looking for a chance to take a trip with this model

I booked their premium economy seat and tbh, it felt the same as normal economy 😂
The flight itself was smooth, though.
You should be able to find plenty of MAX flights in the US shouldn’t you 👀

A MAX rolling in front of an Airbus hangar. 👀

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It is hard for a NEO family fan to fly MAX in the first place…


:) Don’t worry in China,Max is safe enough,Fly if you want to.

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you’re also chinese ! i’ve been on shenzhen airlines a few times and it never disappoints. it is really a nice airline. you get a vote!

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