Shenzhen Airlines B737-800

Shenzhen Airlines is an impressive nongovernmental capital airlines. It constructed in 1992 and the base is Shenzhen Baoan Int’. The construction of Shenzhen airlines is also a sign of the reform and open-up policy, which is also an interesting market situation that more nongovernmental airlines could joined into Chinese Aviation. As a great airlines in China, I want to introduce it to Infinite Flight and increase the realistic of Shenzhen airport.

B737-800 is one of main aircrafts in Shenzhen Airlines’s team and the line over 78 cities in China. I like this red theme livery, thus I feel it is qualify to join into IF’s team. Here are some pictures of Shenzhen Airlines B738

The reason I felt Shenzhen Airlines B737-800 should join into IF’s team:

  1. More player can enjoy a new historical Chinese airlines.

  2. 737-800 should have some shadows of Chinese airlines.

  3. I like this livery in deep.

4.Making Shenzhen Baoan airport more realistic.

I wish IF players can vote for this livery!!! Thx!!!

image source:

beautiful plane!

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That is why it should appear in IF!!!