Shenzhen Airlines 737-900

Shenzhen Airlines 737-900


Used on domestic flights in China, this winglet-less aircraft is something we should see in the skies of Infinite Flight! We already have the 737-900 with not many liveries on it, and it would be nice to see another. Also, there is a huge lack of Chinese liveries in IF, and this could be a start to making that up!

The 737-900 is a short to medium range aircraft with a maximum of 220-ish seats that can land on relatively short runways at lighter weights. It is the largest aircraft of the 737NG family.

Shenzhen Airlines is an airline based in Shenzhen with hubs in various places throughout China. They are part of the Air China Group.

yes good idea


Hey, unfortunately, Shenzhen Airlines when done all 5 stores were retired last year and some were scrapped but almost they don’t come back anymore very sadly. Fleet historic. It is just to keep the topic voted to support but I’m out of the vote.

This seems like it could be a great addition to the Infinite Flight! I’m out of votes, but this has my full support!

it is beautiful!

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