Sheer Idiocy - TBM Atlantic Flight - BobbyRobert's TBM Distance thread

This is a tracking thread for my endurance flights in the TBM 930. There’ve been a bunch of around the world threads, so I assume this is alright.

Upcoming Flights

Not sure yet!

Current Flight

Hey there, so I know that there have been a lot of ferry flights, but today I’m trying something different. A flight across the Atlantic, from St Johns to Kerry in Ireland. The plan is to go as far as I can, then glide the rest of the way.

How to find me:

Flight Ended. Unsuccessful due to an issue on my end. Should be possible though.


Right now I’ve got a 22 knot tailwind, but I hope it’ll get stronger. If it works, I may try the Pacific while island hopping. Wow. The red fuel warning is gone, and I’m still climbing!

Red fuel warning is gone hopefully for good. About 3 hrs to Ireland.

Liveflight link:


None yet.


Going be doing this trip here in a few days with the GAF!


ETA is 3:17, with white letters. This might work!

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Would I be able to join you for one of the upcoming flights, or the one you’re on now?

I had to end it due to an issue on my end. I had a 66 knot tailwind. However, when I do it again, I will post the updates on here.

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Alright, thank you!

Oof! Have fun on your journey! I see you are testing the TBM’s limits XD

I had to call the last one, but tomorrow at about 1800Z, I will attempt it all of the way out to one of the FNF airports. Feel free to join me.

Good luck!

Preparing for flight now. Expert for the FNF

Hilo to Catalina…with a sliver of fuel to spare…good luck on your long distance journeys.


Hows visibility on the ground? Im approaching for 16, got ya on the screen

Sorry I didn’t respond, was too busy taxiing on closed taxiways. Vis is pretty bad isn’t it.

You must be a ferry pilot

currently about 3:00 hours out. I’ve somehow hit a 30 knot tailwind, and an climbing above the cruise altitude of 28,000 feet to 30,000 feet in an attempt to avoid it. Still below the max altitude of 31,000 though.

diverted to EGTP with about 40 kg of fuel remaining. I may continue on to one of the FNF airports, currently on ground.

Vis was terrible, had to go around a couple of times to nail the approach. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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