She’s a beautiful bird

I’m pretty sure every human on infinite flight is either using the 772, or the 737 family. And I don’t blame you, infinite flights developers have done an outstanding job!
I decided to do a 772 flight with @Saharsh, from KLAX - YSSY, using SIDS and STARS! As a career mode pilot for AFKLM, this is all i dreamed of!
Please tell me which picture you liked the most, and also. Leave a heart on this too :)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: 777-200ER American
Route: KLAX - YSSY
ATC on both airports
Flight time: 13 hours
Speed and power solves many things - Jeremy Clarkson.
Rotating from 24L

Turning onto my departure route (forgot the route name)

Very, very good job on the detail devs.
Gear down

Butter. Seen from the captain of a Qantas 737

Of course, it isn’t finished without a moonshot

I also made this with the help of Sah, showing off both the new amazing aircraft!

Thank you everyone so much for looking at these pictures I took. Have a good day


Ayee that’s me


Mk (word limit)

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very nice pictures woww

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