Shatti's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ OKBK

Hello IFC members,
This is a thread for Kuwait International ATC (OKBK)

I would like to be tested on my Tower skills because i will soon be retaking my written test for IFATC

Server : Training
Frequency: Ground (121.70)
Tower (118.30)

Landing and departing runways : 33R and 33L
NOTAMS: No light aircraft accepted at this time .
Pattern work suggested

Kuwait International will be open through this week hope to see you there.

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Hi. Please make sure to follow the appropriate guidelines, including the title, for an ATC tracking thread.

You can find them here: How To Make ATC Tracking Threads

Ok sure will

I will visit you at the airport my friend🌹

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I am still open everyone is welcome

Everybody is welcome !

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