Shat’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

ATC Tracking Thread

First, thank you for stopping to preview my ATC Tracking thread. My name is Justin but I tend to go by Shat (long story) and I use the callsign(s) N?SH4T whether performing ATC or piloting. I currently do not have any serious aspirations of officially joining the IFATC but I recognize that strengthening my knowledge of air traffic operations will assist in my continued journey here within Infinite Flight.

I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity if you too are looking to strengthen any of your respective skills: departure, landing approaches or just needing to practice some traffic patterns and following ATC commands.

I will keep this thread updated with information about my ATC activities.






Are you the ATC?

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This thread should be in #atc

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Yes; I am. Is that prohibited? I rarely if ever see anyone on KPDX.

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Place this topic in #atc and change its name to

shat’s ATC tracking thread [open] @ KPDX

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Make this topics name shat’s ATC tracking thread [open] @ KPDX

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Thanks Luke Kk!


Np, and when your finished make the name shat’s ATC tracking thread [closed] @ N/A

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When will you close?

I will likely close in 45M; I have been active for about three or more hours and was reluctant to post the thread for as I couldn’t find the guide.

Though if I am able I will stay on for a few more hours if possible.

Most nights, I have been trying to operate ATC @KPDX between 2100-2359PDT

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That’s great,I will come when I am available.

I’ll probably join in 15-20 minutes if you’re still open

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Thank you to everyone who flew last night (early this morning)! Let’s do it again. Opening @KPDX around 1300 PDT

Hi, can I suggest you have a read of these guidelines for making a tracking thread?

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Do you mean 2020 not 2019? I’ll try and stop by if I can

Good catch! Still getting me as we are only a few days into the year. Still here in spite of the unexpected discouragement that I perhaps should not be.

Me too. I’m still getting used to the new date

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