Shat’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [now IFATC!]

ATC Tracking Thread

This thread exists as a living notebook of sorts to track my effort in refining my personal knowledge and ATC procedure. My callsign(s) are ^N[0-9]SH4T and Fat Albert 503|360. Please be courteous and respectful of fellow airmen(+women) and come fly about.

Please look for my latest reply below for an update on location and any information specific to areas I am looking to improve.



I recently passed the written portion of the IFATC testing process and am scheduled for what I believe to be my practical examination. Yay!

Notes and Acknowledgements

I recognize it takes an entire community to come together and help one another grow. If you have found yourself tagged by @shat below and would prefer to no longer be publically invited, please shoot me a message to remove your username from my harmless self-promotion list.

I want to share my extreme gratitude and continued support for this community and it’s members. I am so happy to have found a group of semi-like-minded geeks to distance myself with. :) [RE: COVID-19, era]


Looking to improve and therefore planning to spend some time this evening issuing commands on Ground and Tower.

If you’re available and free and wish to help facilitate my continued education, come on by…

View Details // NOTAMs

Beautiful view of MT. HOOD! Get ready for more with the expansion of Terminal E!

Frequencies: Tower & Ground
Arrivals: 10L / 10R / 03
Departures: 10L / 10R

Airport Information

Status: CLOSED
Server: Training Server
Location: KPDX

Opening… Monday, March 9, 2020; 20:15PDT (Tuesday, March 10; 03:15Z)

Closing… Monday, March 9, 2020; 23:00PDT (Tuesday, March 10; at 06:00Z)


20200310@0508Z; *Arrivals and Departures on 10L/10R given 06003KT wind conditions (2kt. Cross) and continuing through higher ALT.

20200310@0424Z; Utilizing 10L/10R as traffic is minimal with calm and clear conditions; subj to change!

Further realism… I’ve noticed a number of Cargo aircraft being cleared to land Rwy 21 in the late afternoon and evenings. Request RW21 if you are flying UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other cargo liveries.

Appreciate any extra attention given to improving these areas in addition to overall general improvement:

  • Pattern entry and sequencing
  • Ground improvements on efficient runway selection.

As always THANK YOU!

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Now open; KPDX— just a bump.

Wow, you really put a lot of effort into this. I might stop by soon.

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Hope to see your call sign. Thank you for the corrections earlier.

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Sorry mate, I won’t be able to attend. I have too much homework. 😢

I feel bad now, you still open?

Edit: Spawning in

Coming in as well

Don’t mind me, I forgot to put my canopy down lmaoo 😂

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Wait, wait, wait.

Have you got 2 accounts?

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@Asher You are not allowed to say anything about what just happened…



Callsign Cathay 880

Sorry! My game crashed on downwind. I’ll spawn in again in a few minutes.

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Spawning in.

feedback from KPDX session from Infinite Flight 17 (TBM930)

-I asked for a pushback clearance in a TBM which is not capable of such a procedure. Be sure the aircraft is able to push or even push back in their current position or can just taxi ahead

-Clearance was a bit late for my first pattern. If you are unsure if you’ve cleared someone, check their tag on the right side of the screen. It will appear green if you’ve cleared them. It only resets though when their wheels hit the ground so be careful with those who do low approaches as it won’t reset due to their gear not hitting the ground and it resetting

-You almost forgot to clear me when I was on short final on my full stop. Remember, pilots aren’t always going to remind you they haven’t been cleared. Part of that is your responsibility to know who’s been cleared and who hasn’t

-Upon Landing you should always give an exit command once they are at a slow speed


I do have two accounts. SHAT and SH4T

I’m just sitting in GA spawn; I haven’t made it back upstairs to where I normally play… lol

Thank you for the feedback! I must admit I was looking at my phone laughing at these chaps having technical challenges and your final approach got me for sure. I figured the change to 28L was going to come with something but lesson created; thank you for real.

Hope to see you again soon. Curious; best general command for exit being exit runway (w/o expedite; if unnecessary) or a more appropriate exit runway being MISC>Exit Runway?

There’s a column that says “exit runway” you’d click it and your options would follow:
Exit runway when able and contact ground
Exit runway right (or left)
Exit runway expedite traffic on final (or base)

You can use the expedite commands on the exit on all of them regardless of right or left or just exit when able. In my case it’d just be exit runway when able since I had the option of exiting right or left and had no need to expedite since there was no traffic in the vicinity. If you have any more questions about this or anything at all feel free to ask or pm me.

Oh forgot to mention. The exit runway command in Misc says “you were not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway” just FYI so you don’t get it mixed up.

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I’ll be there shortly

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Thank you to all those who flew out, over or nearby for support! Enjoy the week ahead!

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