Sharper anti-aliasing

Hi! Just recently I have been noticing that the anti aliasing isn’t that sharp. Maybe I am the only one who thinks this way? Or is perhaps the fact that I am playing on a phone that the resolution isn’t as impressive.

Pay attention especially to wings and fuselage, and also to taxiway lines and other planes.

Or maybe its only my crazy eyes that see this. And I have all graphics maxed, so shouldnt be because of that.

Hi, this is a common issue since one of the last updates was released. This has something to do with new atmospheric rendering algorithms. But I personally don’t find it distracting… maybe this is gonna be fixed with new updates in regards of Project Metal.

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hi i know that theres a 2x and 4x anti-aliasing. I think IF uses 2x for better performance but someone can confirm or correct me if needed.

With project metal a lot of improvements will be made slowly in the future

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Honestly I’m not even sure what anti-aliasing does. I’ve been told it makes things smother and sharper but when I do tests with it on and off, I can’t find the difference.

If you look on the leading edge (pic 2) of the left wing you can see a black line, anti-aliasing attempts to remove it

the 2x and 4x is for screenshot quality in replay mode. not AA during your flights

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