Sharp yaw during takeoff or landing

Hey Guys!
This is a thing I have been noticing for quite some time now. While taking off or landing the plane yaws sharply to the right or left and this is not for any specific aircraft. This has happened to me in 737 series, A350, 777 series. I noticed that it happens during takeoff when you use rudder just when the nose wheel comes off the ground. My advice to other people who face this problem would be not to use rudder just while rotating. However, I am still not able to figure out the problem with the landing. Today I landed an A350 in Moscow DME runway 14R and for some reason the plane was yawing left SHARPLY. This led to the aircraft shooting off the runway and it skid very badly. Request someone to please tell me any solution or if any of you face the same problem.

Id just change your sensitivity settings. Not using the rudder on takeoff or landing is like trying to steer a car with a Xbox controller.

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Oh…ok I’ll try that. Thanks very much for your reply :)

Do you know what the wind conditions were? Any crosswind can cause yaw on takeoff or landing. Your plane will try and turn into the wind, like a weathervane.


Oh…ok thanks tomthetank I will try and adjust that

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