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Hello IFC, how do you make a sharp turn in IF? When NAV turns when there is a turn in my flight plan, I always go off course, and then the plane has to keep turning. But in videos I always see pilots make the turn. Any tips? Thanks!


Depends on the sharpness of the turn, the speed of your aircraft, as well as other factors. I recommend experimenting with these (making a wider turn, for example) to see if you can produce better results.


Ok, thanks!

With nave I simply activate the next leg manually via the FPL Page (35 seconds for very sharp turns and 22 seconds for normal turns). Works most of the time (not always though) and requires some time and experimenting with it to really work well.


Typically, a thirty degree bank angle should result in a standard rate turn (180 degrees per minute). This changes slightly and depends on the speed of your aircraft, winds, etc; but it’s a good guideline.


One tip is to keep your speed low as said by @TaipeiGuru. When flying out of EIDW, there is a requirement to maintain RWY RCL (centreline) for a certain number of nm. I was flying to Amsterdam, and my SID involved a sharp right turn to a VOR after take-off. I would engage NAV after finishing with the corridor, but at 250IAS, my plane could never make the turn… resulting in me just looping round over and over. I decided to reduce my thrust to a point where the aircraft would hold around 185IAS at the 6/7 degree climb angle I was maintaining - this allowed for a sharper turn and resulted in me reaching the VOR with just enough space to spare. Although this isn’t physically increasing the bank angle, it will still allow you to hit waypoints perfectly when turning.

(I know this isn’t directly related to the initial question but hope I helped in some way)

-IRL the FMC replicates the turn better than the AP does in IF, which is why there is always a later turn in game. If you are cruising and there is a sharp turn, I suggest just going with it as irl this wouldn’t happen and pilots wouldn’t change speeds mid-flight to accommodate for a small turn in the FPL:)


Tip is to kill some speed before a sharp turn. This way odds are lower autopilot will put you in a loop. It’s a huge PITA (pain in the you know what) to have to cancel the flight just because you hit a sharp turn too fast.

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