Sharklets, overheads and other special perspectives, Eurowings A320: Hamburg to Faro and back!

Welcome to another #screenshots-and-videos topic! I somewhat get to like contributing here more and more and really hope you will enjoy the post of my flight from Hamburg to Faro and the return leg back to Hamburg! Any comments are very welcome below, and now let’s get right into it!

Background to the flights

Today (Afternoon to Evening, time altered for the screenshots), I flew an Eurowings A320 flight from Hamburg to Faro and back to Hamburg on the Expert server. Due to the current situation the outbound leg was flown without passengers (apart from the crew), but a full inbound leg made the trip worth it.

Corresponding IRL flight numbers are EW7642 and EW7643.

The flight time was a bit more than 3 hours in both directions, with a route over Germany, Belgium, France, the Bay of Biscay, Spain and finally Portugal. Departing RWY 33 in HAM, RWY 10 in FAO and landing back in HAM on RWY 23.

Beginning the trip departing Hamburg to the north on a beautiful (weather) day:

Continuing the flight via Belgium, France, Spain and Central Portugal heading to the beautiful Algarve coast!

Enjoying one of the most beautiful views possible on approach into Faro heading across the stunning area:

After a short turnaround I departed back to Germany for a smooth approach and landing into Hamburg about 3 hours later:

Back at the Homebase!

I really hope you enjoyed the topic and would really appreciate your comments below, thanks!


I see some nice new angles here and there. With some nice photos
Thanks for sharing😊

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Thank you! Really appreciated!

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Great pics as always @JulianB, I love the first an fifth pic!

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My two favourites as well. Thank you very much!

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1 picture removed and information to the flights updated.

This is an awesome photo! The desert scenery is so cool. Keep it up! :)

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Beautiful shots Julian, you’re getting better each time!

Thank you very much! Portugal is just a really beautiful country (IRL and in IF)!

Thank you so much, this is really appreciated!


The first shot is soo nice!

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Thank you!

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