Sharklets on/off button

For the A320 series with sharklets there should be an option to have them or not.

For example when selecting the aircraft there should be a button to select sharklets or not so that it will be easier than creating a new livery specifically for it. Also the sharklets shouldn’t be added on aircraft liveries or airlines that don’t have them!

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There is already a feature request for scimitar option so make sure to vote on that as well!

Thank you, please vote

It has already been requested. You can vote there:


Alright I will edit!

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Sharklets = Airbus


Scimitars = Boeing


(For those who don’t know the difference)

I would like to see this with the scimitars. Especially on the JetBlue A320.


Honestly I think since they are so similar that there is no need for 2 feature request I guess it’s up to the mods tho but personally they are basically the same thing for the same purpose

does Scimitars=the winglets in the A320 American Airlines picture @JeromeJ posted?
Also, doesn’t the A380+ use Scimitars?

Yeah (somewhat) but the A380 plus is dead. (Nobody bought it so I’m guessing that Airbus didn’t go with the program but I cant confirm this myself.

Sure, sharklets and scimitars serve the same purpose but they are two different things.

Check here:

No the American a320 above has original winglets!

I feel like it would be easier to just the sharklets on the liveries that have them.

It would come down to whether or not they have to put the sharklets on each individual livery or if they can put it on the base aircraft design and have the ability to toggle them on and off.

I agree with you on that aspect, but what about Generic liveries? They could go both ways.🤷‍♂️

Most of the Generic liveries already have them, and let’s be honest, would you rather have them off? :P

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I would like to see both on and off. :)