When I try to share a replay it automatically puts the screen to discord sharing. How can I fix? And I did reinstall it earlier to see if it did it but it didn’t. Please help.

When you press Share you are given options of where to share it to. It is suggested to share it to your local device and then you can share the link or upload it to slack/discord/etc.

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Well it doesn’t give me the option after the first time I pressed where I wanted it to be shared

A screen shot would be nice. It also helps to know what device you are on.

I’m on huawei p20 lite

The first time I tried sharing it was to discord and its like it has set a always select up by its self

Hey there,
Would you mind sending us a few screenshots to got a more visual understanding to what is going on? Thanks! I will try and help you in some way.

In order for me to help you, I need a screen shot of what happens when you press the share button.

Ok let us look into this.

It looks like your device is sharing straight to discord instead of giving you options.

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Hey there, Thanks for the screenshots! Here’s what I recommend.

  1. Remove discord for a while.
  2. Test Screenshots or Replay to make the system save into your Camera Roll
  3. Reinstall discord and let your device get used to sending pictures to your Photo Gallery.

Hope this helps. You can also mess around with your settings to make some changes on the way.

This has nothing to do with screen shots. This is a replay file.

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Um what why take screenshots and what about camera roll

He is completely right

Here, or any replay, let’s say.

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Give it a try, it cant hurt. Discord could have their hooks in and not know it.

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Close this topic I just searched it up and I found out about reset defaults thanks tho

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Thanks for the help

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Thanks for the help bye

Where did you find reset defaults in case others have the same issue?