Sharing some of my favorite pictures from summer 2018

Hello there, Iā€™m Alex and today I want to share some of my best pictures (in my opinion) from summer 2018.
First in the list is the KLM B747 which is touching down at Amsterdam in the early morning. Who thinks that the spotting in the early morning is the best ? šŸ˜œ
Then the official spotting at DME, where I was able to get photos such this one
And one of the highlights was Yak 42
This 28 years old plane is beutiful, thumbs up if you think the same ;)
Thanks to S7 pilots šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘‹
So there we are, that was my top list. Write what do you think and if you want to see more you are welcome to visit my insta:

Thinks for reading through.


Hello Allex , the pictures are very nice specially the first and second one which are awesome!!

I like the last one you got the pilots to wave!

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