Sharing Replays and Flight Plans

Infinite Flight is constantly improving its system to share different components of the app from community member to community member. As of update 20.2, we are able to import and export Flight Plans and Replays. Using third-party tools such as Share My Infinite Flight Replay, we are also able to easily distribute these exports for others to import.

This tutorial will cover how to import and export the following items in and out of Infinite Flight.

  • Replays - Sharing and importing replays for flight or ATC session reviewal
  • Flight Plans - Sharing and saving Flight Plans for future flights

Replays are a great way to review pilot sessions, ATC sessions, appeal a violation, and share stories. Below is a simple method to import replay files into the app and export them out, to share with others.

Replays – User Interface


Share My Infinite Flight Replay – User Interface

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 7.27.39 AM

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 7.31.54 AM


Step 1 Follow these steps from the Getting Started guide

Step 2 Open Share My Infinite Flight Replay on a device that is storing the respective replay file

Step 3 Select “Choose File” and choose the appropriate file that was previously saved

Step 4 If desired, input the optional description and/or email

Step 5 Click the box next to “I’m not a robot” and follow the further instructions

Step 6 Click “Upload”

Step 7 Copy the “Share URL” which gives people access to the uploaded replay


Step 1 Save the replay file to your device

Step 2 Access your “Replays”

Step 3 Click “Import” and select the respective replay file from your device’s storage

or… Follow these steps from the Getting Started guide

Have you ever wanted to save a specific Flight Plan for future use? Share a Flight Plan with a friend or even import a Flight Plan made by another community member? The new Flight Plan sharing system is where it’s at!

Flight Plans – User Interface



Step 1 Create a Flight Plan

Step 2 View the FPL and click the arrow icon (marked in red above)

Step 3 Select “Share”

Step 4 Choose a sharing method (e.g. airdrop, email, notes, etc.)

Step 5 Share with the respective person(s) or save for future use


Step 1 Save a Flight Plan to the Files app

Step 2 View the Flight Plan page within a flight and click the arrow icon (marked in red above)

Step 3 Select “Open Flight Plan”

Step 4 Open the respective Flight Plan from the Files app


Great tutorial Luca!! As always keep it up!


Thx for the tutorial though when it does come out I might need help with it

Thanks for the Tutorial Luca! Very in depth!

He linked the website which is the third-party tool he was referencing. Click on the link to the site and that’s where you can import and export the replays.

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@Levet thank you

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Great job @lucaviness! You always do a great job!

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