Sharing replay files

Hello! I am trying to send a replay file to a friend, but it doesn’t work. When I send him it, we follow all of the steps and it still doesn’t work. When he downloads the file and goes on Infinite Flight a message pops up saying “Replay File Imported Successfully”. When he checks his replay files it is not there. To see if it was his phone, I got my Ipad and my phone and did it myself. It read the same message and still didn’t work. Please help
Thank you!

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Are you trying to send a .replay file?

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Yes I am trying to send to my friend

Go to the web site Share My infinite flight

just put in the file, then get the link, and you are done!


and for me, this always work

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Ok Ill give it a try thanks!

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IT WORKS!!! Thanks so much!

No problem :)