Sharing Photos on the IFC - How to properly give credit.

Hello everyone,

This is something that has bugged me for a very long time, and I would like to address it.

Giving credit in the community needs to start happening. Not saying that we aren’t doing it, it’s just we aren’t doing it correctly.

I’m not really wanting to call anyone out on what they are doing wrong, so I will make an example.

One of the most popular ways to give credit is to just credit the website, not the photographer. People actually submit their photos to the website, and it’s not the website that owns the photo. It’s the photographer.

Example (Wrong):

Credit to (This is my photo I’m using for an example. Don’t freak out)


Please, do not do this! This is wrong crediting!


When you open a photo you want to give credit, you are going to scroll down and see the photographer.

As you can see, I now can see the author of the photo. You are now going to copy that photographers name, and then put it below the photo you are giving credit to.

You should then credit the photographer under his photo, with a hyperlink (You can also leave a link to the photo under the photographers name) to the photo on the website.




Photo credit: ChenJY on JetPhotos

Why you don’t need to contact the photographer to use his photo

The answer is simple, you aren’t making any profit off of their photo. If you were, well that’s a different guide.

I hope this clears up some confusion in our community. Be sure to share images correctly!


Moved to #meta as RWA doesn’t seem like the best place for this type of topic.

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A bit off topic, but your photo that you used as an example is really awesome! Loved how the lights stand out in the dark, just amazing!


Good post overall, but I have a question, isn’t the link to the “incorrect” one just going to direct you to the photo’s information, which will include the photographers name?


I don’t know about this. Giving the link to where you found the photo seems like more than enough to be honest. This is an online forum about a flight simulator, not your college thesis.

Also, a lot of photos already have a watermark, if they have one already with the site URL and/or author, I wouldn’t think any manual crediting is necessary.

Just my take on it. I’ll talk to the other moderators and see if we can come to a consensus.


The incorrect one directs your to jet photos. The correct one directs you the the photo

In your case, yes, but in the other ones, they direct you to the photo information.

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I don’t get what you’re saying

Does it need to be in MLA format, teacher?


No. Just leave a link to the photographer’s photo.

The link that most people leave under their photo directs you to the picture with the information. The only difference between your correct “crediting” and anyone else’s is that you put the photographers name in the hyperlink. Unless I’m missing something

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Well correct, but that gives the photographers name.

@JRRaviation… Sorry JR your providing mis-information on copyright material. The 3 example photo are copyright protected and are not in the public domaine and published here in violation of the law,

Photo#-1-3. “Jet”. Superimposed Copywriter and the copyright owners name and contact in the lower right corner. Owners fee req.

Photo copyright is the subject of an FDS directive, suggest you research prior to posting.

@Carson. Believe these photo’s speak for themselves trademark, copyright and attribution are superimposed on the photos, unquestionably not in the public domain, and a violation of FDS guidance.


So what you’re saying is that all photos published here are in the violation of the law…lol


Also, it is not copyright unless I’m using it without giving credit. Please read my article before you start accusing people. And the first photo is mine which is why I used it. The second photo is ChenYJ’s…

I don’t think they’d sue us all for using one of their pictures as a feature request and giving them credit. It’s mainly for using their pictures and claiming that they are ours.

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I gave up in getting involved in these types of topics due to the lack of civil discussion. However, please understand that you are not correct in the statement quoted above. As FDS is a company registered in the US as a LLC, the conditions of the Copyright Act of 1976 apply to works on this forum. Due to the abundance of legalities covered in the act, I will present the 2 most applicable parts in relation to the IFC. The first portion is that, stated in Chapter 2 of the act,

Copyright in a work protected under this title vests initially in the author or authors of the work. The authors of a joint work are coowners of copyright in the work.

In short, this means that, credited or not, the author always retains copyright, disproving your statements that copyright is only applicable when attribution is not provided.

The second portion, perhaps more relevant to the IFC, is the fair use clause. Although not specifically mentioned in The Copyright Act of 1976, the terms of fair use are outlined in Title 17 of the US Code. As I have yet to see anyone here claim copyright on a photo that wasn’t theirs, most spotting photos generate positive discussion and “commentary” as outlined by the fair use docterine.

Before you claim facts and assert “knowledge” of copyright law in the United States, please do your research. Thanks.


Well said dude! I was literally about to press reply then bam you beat me

Yeah but I won’t be using Wikipedia as my source…

My main point is to just just credit to the author. You don’t have to do your ‘Wikipedia’ research on this…

You are providing false information regarding copyright law to others on the forum. Please enlighten me as to where Wikipedia was used as a source in my rebuttal. The only two sources I cited were Title 17 of the US code and the Copyright Act of 1976, which I linked to Wikipedia for simplicity of undertstanding. If you would like me to provide the full text for both Title 17, and the Act of 1976, I’d be happy to do so.