Sharing Experiences

Recently I flew back home from my college (flight school) which is about 2 hours away (45 minutes by air) to have dinner with my parents. I flew the 110 miles to KSRC from KADF in my flight schools Maule MXT-7 (N171HS). We had a great dinner and it was good catching up with my parents. The flight was smooth and routine and was all taken during the sunset. Here’s a few pictures


That’s great man! You did the $100 home cooked meal rather than hamburger. Always good to connect with family. That sunset was probably pretty nice to see in person.


Thanks. Heck yah it was awesome. And then meal was amazing. Best part was being vectored over the top of the big airport


Must be great just flying, enjoying the sunset, can’t wait to do it one day.

It’s great. I just don’t fly for the fun of it anymore usually. This was one of my commercial required solo cross countries


i was hoping to go to flight school as kind of you. so i’m envy you much… T_T!!!
how do you feel when you are in the sky? I’m wondering if I can go to flight school after i earn enough money.

It’s like a second nature to me. I love being in the sky and if I could be up on it all the time. It’s so easy to me know . I’ve been flying ever since I was 14

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