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How do I share replay files that others can access coming from a android?

Take a look there.

Someone sends you a file and you save it. Then simply press on the file and it should open with IF.

the optiona I have. Which one of them is the right one of there are more then 1 then which one is the easiest and right one.

You have to save it to your storage using “save to storage” and then send them the file. There is no way to send them some sort of a link.

Save it to your cloud, whichever you prefer. Then update sharing preferences on the file or folder, copy the link, and send the link to those you want to have access to the file.

Also note, these are not video files. You’re not sending them a video to watch, you’re sending them a link to a native IF file which they will have to open in IF.

If you want to share a video that shows only what you want the, to see, you would need to screen record or equivalent while you change the camera within your replay, and share that video.

(i.e. The replay file will allow them to move the camera around wherever they want, whereas if you want to show a specific angle of your climbout or something, you’d have to record the replay with that camera view and make a video to share.)

Drive is my preference on Android, but any cloud service which allows sharing works.

Are you trying to export a replay, or are you trying to open a file someone has given you?

I’m trying to share I file to someone from my android device also maybe if you can can you ask the devs to make videos on how to do it for both android and ios please if you can cause it can be really confusing.

When you hit share, Android will ask you how to share it. The ideal thing is to share it with google drive. From there you can email it, or share it other ways.

I believe that there may be videos coming. Don’t quote me on that. However, the problem is that every device can be different based on how it is set up. OS Versions, patches, and additional software installed.

If you are not familiar with how to access your device’s files you may need to research that functionality first before venturing down the sharing route. We can only show so much before getting into the device area due to the fact that each device and person’s setup could present different issues and variables.

This is the same for most mobile support. Slack can help with slack portions but if someone asked them Android questions they will direct to google support. We will try our best to support where we can.

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