Sharemyinfiniteflight issue

Hello guys!

I have come across an issue in regards with Sharemyinfiniteflight.I was trying to upload a replay, but every time I click upload it tells me the website is temporarily down or it had moved to another address.This has been happening since yesterday afternoon and it is still not working.I have trying restarting my device and cleaning my device and it is still not working,however last time this occured I cleaned my device and it solved it-self.If anyone could assist, that would be much appreciative.

This issue seems a little unusual. @Chris_S you might want to take a look here.

@Kaj do you have a strong internet connection? Try move closer to the router, or consider using a VPN.

Are you sure your url is correct? Maybe you have mistyped something.


This link works for me.

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I do have a strong internet.My couch isnt that far from the router.I haven’t tryed using a VPN, but I will give it a try and will notify you if the promblem wss solved

Same URL, still not working

Recommend any VPN apps?

Hang on there. It happens every time you press “Upload”.

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Yes, since yesterday afternoon

Strange. Unfortunately my internet is down currently on my iPad, where I store all my Infinite Flight replays. I will try it out in the morning. I need a nap now. 👍

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You may also expect some Website Maintenance from time to time I guess. 🤷‍♂️

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Who knows 🤷‍♂️

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It’s working for me, so I doubt it’s the website.

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The VPN did not work :(

I just verified that the site is up.

Are you getting the error when accessing the site or during upload?

During upload

whilst you are here. You might want to fix this when you get the time.

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