Shared Frequencies

This issue allows aircraft at the KHHR airport inter fear with KLAX ground ATC. Please take a look at the picture provided.

-You can request for a pushback, taxi, runway cross etc.

KHHR is in the KLAX airspace therefore you are able to connect to the ground(when on the ground) and tower (in the air or on the ground) as long as you are in the airspace this is not a glitch :).


I understand that it is in range just thought I’d post it because this can be abused by noobs or trollers.

For realism it should stay, for a safer ATC experience they should remove the KHHR area from accessing the KLAX ATC

Yes but as i said above if you are flying over the KHHR airport and on downwind tower needs to be able to communicate (especially on the expert server) so they cant remove the KHHR airspace from accessing tower and ground

Ok, just thought I’d put it out here, have a good time flying!


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