Shared Cockpits

Hey! I’m wondering if there’s ever any plans of shared cockpits as I think it would awesome. Obviously there would be some problems such as trolls which is why the devs could make it so you have to enter a code to enter the cockpit of another plane. Also there would be other stuff like who would control the plane but maybe the person who is originally controlling can press a button to transfer controls? Anyways I’m just wondering if it’s possible and if it’s been looked at in the past. That’s all I gotta say!

You can locate a ripe discussion of shared cockpits here:

Hi there. There is alrdy a topic in which you can vote for the Shared Cockpit option :)


Thank you to @Ksisky, for providing the feature request. You’re more than welcome to continue you discussion about shared cockpits in that topic.

After all, how exciting would it be to share the cockpit with me! 😜

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