Shared Cockpit

Nice idea!


Definitely a nice idea!

It’s makes perfect sense


I think it would really bring people together in the sim. Maybe they could use an access code or smthng. Not sure how connection issues would be solved, but Im sure the network gurus have something up their sleeves.

I feel like thats a liability issue. Like maybe you and a close friend would both have to enter a code but you can both take control at any time without request. If someone tries to crash it thats completely on you for giving them a code. Idk maybe thats stupid but i tried.

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No, that isn’t stupid at all! That’s a very good idea. Both crew members sould be able to take control so it is important you trust the other person. A code would work very well!


Ahhh were gettin somewhere with this 😎✌️


Imagine sharing a cockpit with one of the devs or mods, It would be the most nerve wracking flight of my life.


I would be shaking on landing

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I’ll probably stall and crash on final

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There could be a button like IRL where the Airbus Family has it that gives priority to either the F/O and back to the Captn. But in order to give control the pilot recieving the controls has to accept the request that way if one of them falls asleep its not to blame on the other guy that went to sleep

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I mean as long as there is a way to pick an option each flight that says either yes or no to sharing a cockpit I don’t see an issue with this.

From a military VA / VO perspective, this would be great as a training aid for Advanced Flying Training (AFT) utilised by trainee pilots & instructors, for military multi crew aircraft. In addition among other benefits like co-piloting route tasks and other role specific missions.

OC-VR 206 Sqn

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Honestly this would be a troll magnet


This would be amazing!!!

The only problem is that no one would join my flight because I’m lonely…

You got my vote anyway ;)

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This is quite an interesting idea, but this would bring problems like trolls and whatnot, maybe a “Disable Shared Cockpit” button so you won’t receive requests to share a cockpit?

We can create a chat between the Co Pilot and Pilot and censor all inappropriate language and if you use inappropriate language in any way you can get a report from the Pilot or Co Pilot depending on who used the inappropriate language.

You would have to only do it on casual server or training. Not expert

But it could be fixed to where u have to invite to person to be in the cockpit or something so its not just somebody able to join anyones flight

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That’s cool.

It would be even cooler with a walking camera because you can have like a bunch of people join to be flown around or to be air hostesses. Plz vote

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It could also be like, On the home page like when you first open the app. There could be a section that says CoPilot Mode or something like that and then you get a list of flights being held in real time. You then click it and it will send a message to the pilot if active saying " Pilot Requesting CoPilot Access " if they accept you’ll be transferred to they cabin/cockpit.


I’m sure with this whole project metal thing it could be possible