Shared Cockpit

Ooo that sounds awesome 😁


It’s confirmed!!! 😁😊 Kinda?


Well, to me they just said its possible, not confimed, kinda

I would love to see it as more experienced pilots can help their friends our but it you watched Chewwy94 or Flyboy29021992 you can actually mess around aswell.

This would be the ULTIMATE realism for VAs man I would take a bunch a people under my wing lol starting wit u @bdreslin02😂😭


This is not FSX. But still, I can’t really say no because I like FSX as well as IF.

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I’m going to bump this topic

Yeah this should be a thing, love the idea

Oh lord! I’m dreaming I know it may be difficult to make it workable but it would be so good. I know that IF has other priorities at the moment but imagine the multitude of things that would be feasible! Already available on big games like X-Plane or Flight Simulator. I think it would only be beneficial for the user experience and learning.

This would be great for long hauls where, instead of doing a group flight, you would have yourself and 2-3 others as PF PM, and 1-2 relief pilots, so the flight was always being monitored. In addition to that, this could pave the way to getting Center back!


Super cool idea.

This is a great idea I think it would make the experience more enjoyable.

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I think this is a great idea! You’ve got my vote!

Would be amazing

Definitely something needed for a flight training, if you’re being assessed.


@Cpt_Scott Never even though of that. VA’s could actually have line trainers.

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Could be pretty cool to fly with the guys


That would be very interesting for a long-haul flight while another pilot sleeps the other takes care of the flight


That would be fun!


Now this… this would be cool.

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