Shared Cockpit with your friend on Infinite Flight

I present the idea of ​​sharing the Cockpit in the IF, in this way the pilot could share the tasks with his friend who would become his co-pilot, being able to fly the aircraft together with the Commander in case you !!
But the commander would have a button added, so the copilot can take command of the aircraft! In the picture below I showed an example!

How would it work? There would be a room in the IF where you in this room get a link where you send to your co-pilot, so he enters and you can enjoy the same flight.

In addition to increasing reality, tasks could be split, thus becoming a little more realistic to make flights mainly flights long hauls !! Besides that the flights would be much cooler and fun !!

Violations, would be like this: If the Pilot or Copilot carry violations during the flight, the violation goes to the 2 pilots !!

** Remembering ** this is just an idea for future with the opinions of community members, make this request in the “Features” …


Sorry, but this request already exists:

Make sure to Search next time! :)


Thank you, I’m worried and I did not find it, thank you !!


Of course! I flagged it so a mod can close it for you :)

If you want any other help I can help you. ;)