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This is the new official thread for screenshots of the beautiful scenery yet to be explored in Infinite Flight.
I wanted to create this so everyone can share their favourite routes and favourite photos they captured along the way and maybe inspire others to fly that exact same route!


Before you post, please keep in mind that;

  • Photos must be taken without the UI (preferably using the in-game screenshot tool, or other methods)
  • Pictures can be edited slightly but not too much to the point that it ruins the beauty of the natural IF scenery
  • You must follow the rules that are clearly indicated for this category/community
  • You should include the following when you post your picture(s);
  1. Name of the route you’ve flown in ICAO or IATA format (for example, “OTHH to HSSK” OR “DOH to KRT”)
  2. Where, specifically, the picture(s) was taken (in which country, city and/or nearest airport)
  • It would also be great if you could give us a short detailed explanation that describes why you decided to share your picture(s) with the community.

To start off, here is an example of a photo I took:

This was taken when I was flying out of Denpasar International Airport, is it a picture of Mount Batur, north east of WADD, which is an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas.

It looked way too amazing to not capture especially during sunrise and low visibility hours, one of my favourite places to fly out from nowadays!

Click here to learn more about Mount Batur



great thread maz, i will for sure post some of my pictures here

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Great! Can’t wait to see all the awesome pics you took!

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Oh i have lot of photos, around 600 hundreds, just have to find where they were taken and there you go


I’d love to see them all! The worlds a big place and I’m trying to go everywhere!

Tag me when you post, cant wait!

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Nice thread

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Well I suppose we’d better get this thread going then!

Brisbane (YBBN) - Darwin (YPDN)

Australia is such an underflown region in Infinite Flight. There’s so much amazing scenery to explore from the dry lakebeds to the lush coastline!

This particular shot looks over the city of Darwin and its surrounding coastline. Many flights pass over here including flights towards South East Asia. Darwin is often referred to as the ‘Northen Gateway’ for Australasian trade


Holy! WOW

This is incredible, to be honest I rarely fly to or out of Australia and looks like I’m missing out on a lot :0

Never seen Oceans so clear and blue, definitely need to add this to my list of upcoming flights!

Thanks، love it!

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“The Edge Of The World”

Located near CYXY.


Not the best, but that the part when you’re entering Greenland, not far away of Narsarsuaq city,

Flight: CDG-YYC 787 WestJet


I hate to be that guy, but this is basically what the Screenshots and Videos topics are for…

I would’ve never known about this, even if I flew for years!

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A lot of people have pictures on their devices and don’t ever post on Screenshots and Videos but I’m trying to get everyone involved as a community to find new routes in an easily accessible way.

Just imagine you’re bored and don’t know where to fly to, you can come here and easily find a route! :)

Already expecting amazing scenery!

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Always loved how Greenland was never green lol

Switzerland, about 20,000 feet above Zürich airport.


just got bored so I started flying around alaska today in a spitfire bc i just watched Dunkirk

also from a few days ago from Athens (LGAV) to London (EGLL, LHR)
40,000 feet over Greece


The Alps never get old, love seeing them!

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Some nice shots you got there, also never flew to Alaska even though I’ve watched Dunkirk lol.

Was flying over Santorini earlier too and can I just say wow no wonder it’s so popular

yeah… idk how alaska has anything to do with dunkirk just wanted to fly a spitfire ig

No photo threads. Each community are to share their own photos in their own topic. This is to limit the number of photos that are shared to this platform as photo uploads cost space and ultimately $$$. Thanks