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I was meant to go flying today, but it was too foggy… :(

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My first lesson was grounded due to low ceiling, I know your pain.

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These things happen way more than they get reported. I know because I’ve seen a few.

This happened after getting my pilot license but I throw it out to student pilots that might learn something from it.

I was overflying a towered class D field at 3000 ft as passenger in a low wing plane flown by a friend. He called the tower to let them know we were overflying, and then we sat back feeling confident the controller would make sure no one would hit us. Roughly midfield, a plane broke the cloud deck directly in front of us and continued climbing. My friend and I looked at each other in shock at what just happened. We never said a word to each other about it but I will forever see that plane popping through the clouds and wonder about what if.


That’s a cool story, luckily nothing happened. Can you say what type of aircraft you were in if you remember?

Piper Cherokee

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VFR approach at LDRI (Rijeka, Croatia), long final, tower assigned us number three but I only could see one aircraft in front of us…🤔
I ask all passengers onboard to help me looking for the missing traffic,but nobody could find it.😳
Eventually, leaning towards the windshield and looking upward I could finally spot the propeller and nose of the missing plane, flying exactly above us with only 120-150 ft separation. 😱
I immediately called for a 360 to assure proper separation and landed safely afterwards.
Lesson learned: VFR flying requires 90% of the attention for looking around and 10% for instrument check and navigation.
Happy landings


Lugano airport (LSZA), Switzerland. Takeoff run on a Piper Arrow, as student pilot. After 1000 ft run I had to abort because of missing airspeed reading.
Taxied back to GA apron to find out and discovered a wasp net in the static pressure hole. Impossible to check with the usual visual inspection.
Blue skies


While doing some hour building for my commercial qualifier in cyprus. I flew from larnaca international airport to akamas which is on the other end of the island. With high terrain enroute, I was always very careful flying through always looking out for potential hazards. However, one day while flying this route my engine failed while flying through a valley. Yes this was a single engine aircraft, at this point I had more than 100 hours experience with more than 50 hours on type. I did not panic at all, I had a quick look around where I could possibly crash land. I first put the aircraft into a glide and then considered my options. Paphos international airport was in the distance, I quickly decided to head towards it. I was a bit far out which meant I had to reconfigure my aircraft for Vmd speed to fly the longest range possible in my case 78kts. As I started my descent I contacted paphos to declare an emergency, they cleared all jet traffic for me. I then started to secure the aircraft by turning off the fuel pumps and reducing my electric load just leaving my radio on. I came on final at 30° offset to the runway with speed dropping and getting low on approach. This is where I became a bit worried, my heart beating fast but I held off the flaps because I knew that early flap deployment will just make me crash short of the runway. Just before the threshold my aircraft energy was reduced to 64 kts. I slowly added flaps just over 100ft and flared to land. Slowly came to a stop with 2 aircraft holding short watching. Easyjet and ryanair. Was then towed off the runway to the GA apron. Where an engineer fixed my aircraft. Took a couple of hours break. Tested the aircraft, at this point really wanting to get home. Was given a high altitude clearance and made it back to larnaca just before sunset.

I’m glad this did not occur earlier on when I had very few hours on type. But I did have a very good instructor who taught me well. And was back in the aircraft a week later after some heavy paperwork. I did not tell my parents about this until I got back home to london a month later.


Sounds like you had a great handle on the situation, many kudos.

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This is why you’re a exemplary pilot of note !

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@Joshua_Fleming had to steal this.
Thank you @Flightfan84


That’s awesome, lol

Here’s a short clip from my intro flight. This took place only a couple of months ago.
Apologies for the vertical camera.

If you were flying VFR, it was your mistake. There is no separation provided to VFR in Class D airspaces.
By the way, did you fill an AIRPROX?

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