Share Your Student Pilot Stories

Hello community! For a little while now I have been studying for my PPL in a software based ground program. I recently had my first official flight lesson with my instructor and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The weather was perfect, winds were calm. The airport was pretty busy since they had a fly in meet and greet that day. He even very briefly introduced me to the feeling of zero gravity. The whole experience was nerve racking, extremely exciting, informative and often times comical. That being said I thought it would be very entertaining to hear some funny or noteworthy stories from our real world pilot population from their student days. No exclusions, any student pilot experience is a welcome addition to the thread!

I think this could also be beneficial to hear stories from the other side, if any of you are CFI’s of any level please share your favorite or memorable teaching stories.


Take it away @Tecnam2TA

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I had to land a MD-11 in a simulator, the I was about 3ft off the center line and turned to line it up and went off into a Forrest. Closest I ever got flying

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Student Pilot Story. It was my 3rd time doing solo pattern work and was on my 4th touch n go and this mooney came over mid field without radios and almost came into me. good thing i was looking out the window at the moment and did a quick right 360 and then decided to extend downwind and ended up going around because the the plane missed the first taxiway exit. so moral of the story is get your head on a swivel and always look outside


Wow, excellent awareness on your part.

I had a great instructor so credit goes out to him for making me the pilot i am today


Me in 5 years… all I’ve done is flown a 737 simulator in Sydney


Same, the Darling Harbour one is awesome. I did patterns in Kai Tak, and it was so awesome using the throttle and having physical controls. I will probably start training at the SFC.

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Ill share you my story so far (because im still in high school) right now im taking aviation classes in alaska lol and to be continued XD


I have a lot of stories to tell. I’m not sure which one to start with. Wow lol.

I’ll start with this one in the hopes someone can learn from this awkward mistake. So it was a normal flight lesson day for me and my instructor. The airport I train at has a single runway and is uncontrolled (non-towered field). We were for some reason not thinking about what end of the runway was currently in use at the time and we taxied to the “default” runway 34. Once we got all the way down to the hold short point, we realized that we were supposed to be on the opposite end (runway 16) due to the wind direction and what other pilots were using. So we then had to taxi back to the other end which was over a mile. In summary, we all make mistakes sometimes and it’s best to learn from them.


I was flying one of my first Instructor-student flights. HPN is commercial, thus, we see a lot of CRJ’s, A320’s, etc. We were waiting fr departure behind a CRJ. After the CRJ departed, we were warned about the wake turbulence. Boy was there wake turbulence. Those lil regional jets really pack a punch!

Maybe because it was a C172 I was flying in, lol


I flew around KORD

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I’ll bet the wake turbulence is pretty substantial! So who were you in this story? Instructor, student or were you learning to be an instructor?

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Ok I’ve got a couple stories to share.

  1. How extremely frightening the first solo flight was. I could not calm myself down I was fast then slow then high then low. Ended up getting established on final and made my first solo touch and go. The other 2 where better. Still scared out of my mind though.

  2. My first solo cross country oh man what a rough ride. Had a good tailwind on the way but it’s was rough. Missed the L.A center handoff to Denver center. By the time I requested the frequency change I already had the airport in sight. Yep I got a call from Denver center on that one. The ride back was even rougher. It took me 45 minutes to get there and an hour and a half to get back. Didn’t miss the handoff on the way back though 😂.

  3. Flying patterns it started to become congested no big deal typically. I had just lifted off when a third aircraft announced he was on the downwind. Well I had missed the call from the Cessna that had taken off before I landed. He departed on a crosswind and the 3rd downwind was further upwind then him. You can see the issue. The lesson I took from this is never assume and always verify.

Those are my tales thus far.


Student :)

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Excellent lesson learned in your second example. I see myself having similar experiences when the time comes, lol. These are great stories so far, exactly what I was looking for.

Currently I am a Young Eagle here in New Zealand. I am hoping to start proper lessons sometime next year!

To be continued at some point…

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I was doing my pre-flight checks outside the Tampico TB-9 one morning when I noticed a huge black amorphous mass hovering five to ten feet above the ground. It was 200 feet away and coming toward our busy tarmac. I must have been the first one to notice it because it started shouting “BEES!”, trying to get the attention of the other students who were unaware they were about to be coated in pollen.
I jumped in the plane and watched chaos ensue around me as people were running to their planes. Safely inside with doors tightly shut, I got to witness a swarm fly past me from a mere 20 feet away and it was glorious. That is still the biggest swarm I have ever seen.

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I’ve never heard of bees swarming like that around where I live. That’s crazy! Tampico must have some intense bees.