Share your replays

hi!! i made this topic so you can share your replays!
you can use and if you don’t know how to use the website checkout this post here: Share My Infinite Flight (.com)

Why do you want my replay?
Is there anything special about it? You want to tell me everything I did wrong in a flight?

I think a replay is personal for everyone, unless someone has a ghost and doesn’t know who reported him/her.

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I agree with @Infinite_Qantas

no i just wanted to see good replays like landings or stuff

Do you need them for a video or something?
Otherwise you could grease landings yourself

I’d be happy to share some replays. The website only stores them for a little bit though (48 hours, I think)

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only if you want to.

Cool. Yeah, I’ll probably do it after my flight.

Alright mate, calm down.

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where are ya going?i’m join to omdb

I’m about to finish Munich to Seoul. My longest flight yet.

Here we did the event

cool! i’ll check them all out after my flight as i need ma iPad!

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