Share your LiveFlight routes/Patterns here

I looked this up just in case. Share your Liveflight routes in here!


N123IF (My Ident)
Boeing 777-200F in Southernair Livery
Departed KMIA at 9:39pm (21:39)
Landed at KTPA at 10: 28pm (22:28)
Cruising Alt: 20,000ft
Landed On Time

Share your routes here :)

Clean version:
[Your Ident here]
[Aircraft type here with livery]
Departed [Insert airport here] at [Time]
Landed at [Insert airport here] at [Time]
Cruising Altitude [Insert cruising altitude here]
Landed [On time/Delayed]


This will be interesting seeing the other’s flight path :)

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Departed- Check spelling 😉

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Didn’t even notice, thanks :)

No problem.

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Ahh the old realistic departure and approach for the MIA-TPA route.

What do you mean?

The route you just flew uses the actual STAR/SID chart arrivals for pilots in real life. Its one of the few real life flights you can do in IF right now without global.

I didn’t even notice what I did was a real thing! Coincidence I guess?? That’s cool!

P.s do you have a route from LiveFlight to share on here?

Not at the moment my laptop is dead.

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Did patterns at ORD for about an hour.

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Are these supposed to be real world flights? Because I have no use for those

lol, how much xp did you get?

No, It doesn’t have to be real world flights @Robertdiaz123, it can be anything like a pattern.

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