Share Your Flight Statistics

There are many users on this community who are not only flying regularly in Infinite Flight, but who are also to be found on quite a few real flights as well.

And there are quite a few community members of whom I know that they have flight statistic (be it on or on /, for example @flyme2bluemoon.

That’s why I decided to create this topic. Show us your flight statistics! Where did you fly to? On what airlines have you been? Just copy the link to your statistics and share it with us in the comments.

Personally, I use and I have all my flights documented starting from my first flight in February 1998 when I was 1 month old, including not only each and every aircraft type but only each and every exact registration (thank you Dad!).

Looking forward to see what you collected over the years!

Happy landings,


It would be nice if @Marc also took a stop by KSJC XD

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Here are all of my trips!

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