Share Your First Expert Server Flight Story!

Good morning IFC! I just thought about making this to see what happened on everyone first expert server flight. Here’s mine… I was doing a flight from Sydney to Singapore and I planed my flight plan and I was ready to go! When I taxied to the runway, I was not the only one there. I ended up having to wait 50 min to JUST TAKEOFF! But the rest of the flight was fun after takeoff!

So there’s mine! How about you share yours!

My first flight on Expert was………

drum roll please…

so long ago I can’t remember…


That’s ok!

My first ever expert server flight was a touch & go from Toronto on a Air Canada 787 and i laughed when i heard “Please follow instruction it you will be ghosted” idk why but I thought “Ghost” was funny dang i was weird :l

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What does it mean when you were ghosted?

You do have it!

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A ghost was the “old report” essentially - you got kicked from Expert for 7 days.

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Oh so how does that happen?

Ik i on IF was probs 2 years so i remember and i think it was reported instead of ghost idk

Breaking any of the rules…a lot of the violation reasons today were “ghosting” reasons…

OH NO! Who would do such a thing!?

fell for the classic rickroll

HAHA, Rick & rolled!

It was at an event at VIDP and i had requested for takeoff but hadn’t been cleared because just as i request the tower had left so my silly self thought Hey, i requested, he left, it’s no ones fault, let’s just take off! 😃 but then there was a Mod there, and i saw them, it was either Laura or Misha not sure but then i was ghosted on takeoff roll :D

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Oh no, thats sad!

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(post deleted by author)

not this time man, i’ve grown smarter

):( ill get ya next time

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Same, I did not click…

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yeahh nope…

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