Share your experiences/screenshots with opening the app here!

Really? Of course not,

But ATM we people are making topics for the most ridiculous things of this type.

Seriously, you are more than welcome to share landing experiences. This doesn’t mean that we need a touchdown, flare, rollout, and all the various other phases of landing. And this equates to all the various other similar topics.

People complain about topic spam, and this is one of the bigger causes of it.

TL;DR Stop making topics like this- there will likely be one already made!


I opened the app today!1!!!1! The experience was the same as always 😛😛😛




I completely agree. Sometimes I feel that people make these topics just for the sake of making them, even if the topics have absolutely zero purpose. Not to mention, a lot of these type of topics, with a lot of useless pictures will eventually stack up to a lot of wasted storage.

I open it and it shows the home screen again. rip


This topic is classic

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