Share Your Experience

Share Your Experience

Heyy everyone. In the world where flights have been so common these days, I am very sure everyone of you might be travelling alot to different places, cities, countries as well as continents. On a whole there are Infinite Flights daily happening in the real world. It would be amazing to know different flights you guys have flown. You can share the route flown by you, airline and aircraft type, speciality of the place, your journey experience etc.

Example from my real experience:

Route: VABB - OMDB
Aircraft and Livery: Emirates B777-300ER
My Experience: Dubai is one of the best places to visit if you want to have a typical Middle East experience. I have been to lots of big cities like London, Shanghai, Brisbane etc, but Dubai is one of a kind. It looks like everything is sort of a giant thing there. Those tall buildings, multiple 5-star hotels, mosque under very close distances to ease prayer work for all, the fact that such a marvel city is built on entire desert where petrol is cheaper than water says that It’s something else, something worth watching.

  • There are some awesome things to explore in Dubai such as:

    1. The very famous Burj Khalifa - Tallest building in the world.

    2. Burj Al Arab - Tallest hotel in the world.

    3. Atlantis Hotel at Palm Jumerah

    4. Ferrari World - In Abu Dhabi, which has the worlds fastest roller coaster.

There are many such great journeys i have had. I am sure you guys must have had some real good trips and it would be nice if you share it here on IFC. It will also be helpful for the ones who are planning to go to those places. Also you people might have flown some routes which we others might have not heard of so that would be very interesting to know about.


  • Please only share your personal experience.
  • Maintain the respect and dignity of IFC.
  • If you have some photos to share, that will be encouraged.
Let The Fun Begin!!

Ok this sounds cool. (This is a real trip to be clear)

I flew from Melbourne to Wellcamp Airport.
Wellcamp is just west of brisbane and not too well known. Near Toowoomba. So bere is my experience.
**Aircraft and Airline:**Embraer E170 Air North
**Experience:**well, ive flown this route multiple times in real life and have never seen what i saw recently at the arrival airport. The small airport has a dirt and grass area near the car park and it hasnt been noticed until they had a bunch of 777’s a couple 737’s and 1 A330, all Virgin Australia. It was a surprise and quite interesting too see them up close and even though there was a fence and all, you could get pretty close.

Well thats my experience. The photos i got are not of a high quality because they were taken from a car/plane window but I’ll share them anyway.

Dont know why the Bold didnt work.


Route: VHHH - OTHH
Airline: Qatar Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A350-941 (Reg. A7-ALD, MSN10)
Age: 5.7 years (built 2015) (test reg. F-WZFE)
Flight Time: 9h 05min
(This is a real flight to be exact.)

I flew from Hong Kong to Doha last month on Qatar. However, it was unexpected to see so much passenger yet little cargo operations at VHHH. Though the minimal cargo planes featured 80% 747-8F, 5% 747-400F and 15% 777F.
So nice to see 747s flying around.
After a (long) hold short at Juliett 1 (J1 taxiway) to wait for a Fedex 777F and a Cebu Pacific A330, it was our turn to use 25R. The take-off was extremely powerful, and the plane rotated off it with many passengers not noticing provided that only less than half of 25R was used. The cruise was mostly uneventful, with us passing above the northern Southeast Asia and a large part of India which took us three hours to fly over. The approach and landing into Doha was spectacular. It was totally out of expectations for a desert city. Yet there was turbulence on final 34R, so the approach speed was set to 160 with the landing at 143. Well, how did I know? That’s because I had a little chat with the pilots after landing. They said, normally it wouldn’t be that fast. A speed of 139 was enough for the light load we had, if it wasn’t for the weather.

Hamad International Airport was those airports which ‘wow’ and ‘amazing’ wouldn’t be enough to describe it. It was so big, I almost got lost finding my connecting flight to London (more on that later.)


I haven’t flown in more than a year, but I’ll share my last flight here

Airline: Iberia
Flight Number: IBE6827
Aircraft: A340-642 (Reg. EC-IZX, MSN601)
Age: 16 years (15 at the time of the flight → January 2020) (built 2004)
Flight time: 10h38
Seat: 2L - Business Class

Boarding started on time, as expected with Iberia (don’t take this as airline promotion lol), by gate S22, at the wonderful Terminal 4 Satellite.

A pillow and a blanket, an amenity kit and noise cancelling headphones were waiting for me at my seat as I got there

Right after closing doors three options of drinks were offered, water, orange juice and sparkling wine. I went with the orange juice

After a short taxi to runway 36L and just over five minutes of holding short we started our LONG (About a minute - using flex power settings) takeoff roll. Wheels up at 12:13AM local time, 18 minutes after the scheduled departure time.

About an hour into the flight dinner was served, starting with the appetizer: A little salad, a small piece of manchego cheese with fruits, smoked salmon and mustard potato salad with caviar on top. A cold tomato and coconut cream was also offered.

Then, the main course was served. There were three options: beef cheeks, grilled stone bass or ricotta tortellini.
I chose the beef cheeks with red wine demiglace, roasted sweet potatoes and grilled tomato

Finally, dessert was served. We could choose between orange ice cream or coffee cheesecake.
I got the orange ice cream

The cruise was quite uneventful with almost no turbulence (A340-600 is a really stable aircraft). I could get 4:30 hours of sleep, which is really good for me considering that I normally sleep one or two hours only when flying.

At 1h30 from our destination breakfast was served. The tray contained toasts, a mix of fruits and yogurt at the side; chicken ham, smoked turkey and a plain omelet on the main dish. Coffee, tea, fruit juices, water and croissants were offered as well

We started descent at about 30-35 minutes from the destination, using MOXE1A arrival. Instead of following the entire STAR, ATC gave us clearance to go direct UTBUR from GR078 (waypoints), which is the procedure used when there isn’t much inbound traffic at SBGR.

Good morning rainy São Paulo!

At 6:50AM local time, our captain did a smooth landing on runway 09R and we taxied to our gate at Terminal 3, where we parked next to a Lufthansa 747-8, bringing to an end this lovely flight

The only thing I didn’t really enjoy about the flight was the cabin crew. The flight attendants were all a bit rude, they seemed pissed with something. Other than that I’m safe to say this was one of the best, if not THE best, flights of my life!

I tried as much as possible to do this in a trip report format lol
Hope you all enjoyed it


Just for context, this was at Airventure Oshkosh 2019.

Route: N/A (pattern at KOSH)

Aircraft and livery: Ford AT-5 Tri-Motor, Eastern Air Transport

Experience: My flight on the Tri-Motor was delayed by almost 3 hours, probably because of the sheer amount of people wanting to fly. During the delay we saw the Thunderbirds perform, which was really cool. Anyway, since we were so delayed the daily Airshow had already started. We took a tram across the airport to runway 27 where the Ford was waiting for our departure.

And let me just say, it was a crazy flight. A full-throttle takeoff followed by a steep departure and a quick turn north to fly over Lake Winnebago. The engines were rattling the entire aircraft and the flight was like a violent yet gentle rollercoaster. It was louder than any other airplane I’ve ever been on inside that Tri-Motor. And looking out the window, I could see the Airshow happening. And as for our descent, it was a steep descent with a sharp turn to final. And let’s just say the landing was less than ideal, but the deceleration was crazy fast for a heavy aircraft like the Ford.

And the best part was that during all this, I met an awesome guy, whom I’ve seen since then at other airshows too.

Still remains as the best flight I’ve ever been on.


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