Share your budget airline experience!

Just interested to know, what’re your experienced with budget airlines?

Being in Singapore, everything is about money. I rarely fly with good airlines, and when I go on 1-3 hr flights, a cheap one does the job.

And it’s none other than AirAsia.

After flying with them numerous times, I think I can share my experiences here.

So one June, I was flying to KUL from SIN. My first time on AirAsia.

I entered the small A320, and that was my first impression of AirAsia.

Black seats, cramped space, and a football club livery.

After putting my luggage overhead, I went to sit on my assigned seat.

It was just small.

The moment we took off some considerate person’s toddler started screaming that the plane had taken off.

And I’ll fast-forward a bit.

15 minutes after takeoff. I stretched my legs and arms.

“Apa ini!”

This Malay man in front of me got REAL mad. He gave me a dirty face that’s stuck with me forever. If he had a chance he’d surely throw me 33,000 ft to my death. I kept quiet.

I took the flight magazine out to take a look. They were advertising their flights from KUL. As if I’d do a 3-hour transit before going to BKK.

The plane then descended into KUL. The plane touched down in a really shaky landing.

The toddler made a fuss again.

To make the long story short, the flight of 45 mins was tiring.

And then I realised that KUL was nowhere near the city. 1 hour car ride easily.

Oh well, these things happen…


I didn’t think AirAsia was that bad… All I can say is that normally good airlines with low-cost subsidiaries are normally the best.


I fly quite a bit with Germanwings/Eurowings when I fly from EDDH. I really like the company. Acceptable leg space, and over head space. Plus I get to walk across the apron of the airport since they usually utilize remote aprons ;)

@MCTech dude fly TigerAir they are the best . I flew with them from SIN - KUL and back . And it was good

Well my first budget airline experience was some years ago now from LGW (London Gatwick) to TLL (Tallinn, Estonia) on Easyjet. While the aircraft seating was good (seat 2A) there was a stag group behind me. They sang badly the whole way and upon landing I got really bad ear pain. But for the airline itself, on that journey I’d give it a 7/10.

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I flew on Qatar airways to India from Doha and of course the people in front had a annoying child not sat in the seat properly and no fastened seat belt for landing and the wife at one point was feeding the husband fruit because he was to lazy, it wasn’t like she didn’t have a child to look after or anything and then they proceeded to recline their seats fully which means your screen is now literally 10 inches from your face. My sister then reclined hers as has had hand surgery so she had to do exercises and basically try and move her hand again. Then the man behind my sister got angry and started moaing and Indians can be so rude that they are literally just talking to themselves insulting you so that happened to my sister he was just talking crap about her as you do even though he wasn’t even using the screen and that she had a problem with her hand. The flight attendant then got him moved but then the man in front began to snore and that was just awful as you could hear it with headphones on. I’m pretty sure they were first time fliers as they didn’t want to out their bags up in the lockers and they were literally laughing forced to and they were taking down drinks probably because they were free. That’s the end of my story that’s probably won’t make sense to most poeple, so I wish you luck in attempting to understand what I mean 😂


But Qatar isn’t budget though…


Dealing with babies on Airasia?
You’ve never flown on Scoot before.


But it might as well have been I would have preferred a easyJet flight to this Qatar flight

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In my experience I have to agree with @anon31652286 . I’ve flown Delta Connection operated by Express Jet, as well as American Eagle operated by PSA airlines. The service was nice. Then again these are more regional airlines rather than budget, my apologies. I did have an excellent experience with Frontier on a cross country trip. The only down side with them in my opinion is that once you purchase your ticket you still have to pay for your seat. At least that was the case when I booked them two years ago. Also depending on your seat selection, they had their jet lined out so that you could buy a cheap seat but it offered no leg room and the seat back angle was seriously 70 degrees with no recline option.

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Norwegian was a great transatlantic experience, but they’re notorious for always being late.

Seats with little padding and unclean cabin. Other than that really good. Deffinately worth the money.

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They were garbage. The plane smelled terrible inside and the landing was rough. Couldn’t wait to get out of the plane.

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I don’t do much budget airline flying.

I flew silkair on the Christmas break.

The airport was nice. Then we were left standing on the Tarmac for a few minutes waithg for it to be refilled.

The cabin was a bit outdated. The windows were dirty with some brown stains of liquid that had run along it before. We took of, most of the flights was having the seat belt sign on due to turbulence. My iPad died quite early on as I forgot to charge. There was a TV that came down from the panels above, but was silent, but the only thing to do. They eventually turned off the seatbelt sign and I got up and went to the back toilet (the toilet that was near us) there was already a line. It was shaking and felt like it was going to break off. We landed in Kota Kinabalu and got out of the airport quickly. And spent an hour in the car. (I think this was where I really made my iPad die, instead of before).

We flew with silk air again back to Singapore but this time was on a 737-700 or 8000. The 737 was problem the best silkair flight I went on (not much comparison there)

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This Quote is sooo me, I only have tried Singapore Airlines and China Airlines before but besides that… I fly with LCCs (Such as AirAsia and Lion)

I think I will share my experience with AirAsia (Indonesia AirAsia for exact) in my XT250 route (CGK-DMK)

It was on 11th June 2016, I woke up at 4am LMT (WIB, UTC+8) to catch my flight to DMK. The trip was really smooth (Except when I almost arrived at the Terminal, we got stucked into Traffic Jam exactly at the Main Airport Road). As Indonesia AirAsia is located in Existing Terminal 3 (As Aug 2016, AirAsia moved it’s operations to Terminal 2 as the Existing T3 will be renovated for The New Terminal 3’s Expansion). We were taking the underpass to the airport. We were arrived at 5am in the morning. Exactly at the same time when my auntie arrived from my Uncle’s Car. The boarding was commenced at 05:55 am LMT (If I’m not wrong). We took a bus as PK-AXF was parked in remote-parking area. Exactly in front of the unfinished Terminal 3’s new building. I spotted a China Airlines plane which brought me to Hong Kong 3 yrs ago. The Take Off roll was also superb. The flight’s occupancy rate was moderate. Not too full. The Flight Attendants were charming and cheerful as expected. Though AirAsia lacks of In Flight Entertainment (Due to the LCC Service) with LCC’s average seat pitch :/ but the flight was enjoful. I spend my time to play Infinite Flight. Time flies so fast until we can’t relise that we were already approaching Gulf of Thailand and started our descend. We touched down at DMK at around 11am (LMT, GMT+7. There are no time differences between Jakarta and Bangkok). Oya, I didn’t order Any In Flight Snacks besides of a Mineral water lol


I’ve never flown with a budget airline before. Don’t plan to anytime soon.

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And you never fly with your national carrier, boy am I disappointed in you.


Let’s see…
Citilink, Garuda Indonesia Low Cost Subsidiary
My flight was supposed to be somewhat around 5-6 pm from SUB-CGK, I Was delayed till 12 midnight, and then there was no food so I starved to death(not literally)

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Jetstar I have enjoyed more than tiger air. Jetstar at least had a toilet. One tigerair a320 (i don’t remember the registration) did not have a flipping toilet just more seats but that is what you get for $11 per person one way.

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