Share your bad flight experiences here!

Wether it be a bad experience with TSA, rude flight attendant (avoid naming please), person of size sitting next to you on a transatlantic flight, anything, let’s hear it! Just try not to be rude 👍🏼


Some annoying person reclined their seat during landing. Not much to some but for me I got annoyed, should the need for an evacuation arise, it hampers the speed in which you can exit the row.

Very safety oriented I know. Make sure your car head restraints are properly adjusted aswell people!!


Hmm, I don’t travel enough to have many bad experiences. I never really travel much. I didn’t like the seat pitch on the only time I flew on Frontier. Besides that, I haven’t had any bad experiences.


Jetblue flight, San Francisco - New York. Our flight was delayed, and we were all exhausted. It is 5.5 hr flight. I am pretty sure we boarded around 1:30 am, maybe later. I was miserable, and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Cue crying baby

Lets just say, I didn’t sleep.




Air France, A380, LAX-CDG, crying baby, bad turbulence, rude flight attendant, terrible food, and ife barely working.


Not dissing Qantas at all… but…

I was on a Boeing 737-800 with Qantas, NZAA (AKL) to YSSY (SYD), it was somewhat low-vis and a slight crosswind, it was a somewhat normal approach. On landing the plane pretty much SLAMMED into the ground and a few passengers screamed.

On another flight with Regional Express (REX) flight from YMRY (MYA) to YMER (MIM). We were in a Saab 340B. It was a beautiful approach until, again, on landing. The weather was calm but as we touched down we started to slide off the runway, we almost started running off the side of the runway and onto the grass at a really high speed. (Which was what I think the cause of the slip)

It legitimately felt like we were going to crash as we slid. I have videos on both of them and I will try to post it to YouTube in the coming days.


I seem to always get searched my the TSA. And I’ve had a lot of bad flight experiences. Too many to Count

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Not really a bad experience but one time I was swabbed for gun powder residue at a TSA checkpoint.


I was flying from Brisbane to Auckland on a Qantas737-800 “ZK-ZQA”. The flight was very good, but when on final my ears popped so bad I was in tears. It felt like we just dropped and my mom was trying to help me not cry lol. It was last November and my left ear still hurts when I hear loud bangs.


When I took Lion Air around 4 years ago from Jakarta to Medan Polonia, Something unpleasant happened to me.

When we were approaching Medan, the weather was very turbulent and pretty bad at that time. Once the FA announced the intentions to descend, me and my cousin decided to go to the lavatory.

When we left the lavatory and walking on the aisle, we accidentally pushed an old lady. Then she slapped me pretty hard and preaching in front of us. I had send my apology to her and some of the passengers though. It was really unpleasant and I had a bad mood until I arrived in Medan because of it

But again, I can’t comment much because you can’t expect kind and nice people when taking Low cost carriers 😂


Somehow this reminds me with a bad experience that @sniperguy135 suffered when taking Scoot to Australia 😏


I do not know why I can’t stop laughing at that! Lol 😆


Qantas 737, SIN-PER. Hard landing.

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She slapped you and you didn’t tell the Flight attendant?
You know they know de-escalation techniques right.


He didn’t do anything back, he just moved on with his flight and day. There was no reason to stir up any trouble.

I didn’t think it was a big problem to call a FA. At least I deserved that, it taught me to be more cautious when walking in the aisle during turbulence especially on small aisle such as 737 where this incident happened 😂

We all Get grouchy when we are flying, You can’t control turbulence.
Just saying

All my experiences with Emirates were bad.

  1. DXB-CMB. EK654, It was a 15 years old Aircraft. Cabin crew werent good at all, The Plane gad a bad bad smell the whole flight, IFE Barley worked.
  2. CMB-MLE-DXB. EK653, It was a 6 years old Aircraft. My IFE was the only IFE which was not working, Cabin Crew were average, Uncomfortable seats.
  3. KWI-DXB, EK(I forgot), I missed my KWI-DXB Flight with Kuwait Airways Due to late flight from AMM-KWI. Seats were uncomfortable and felt So cheap, EK crew at the Airport were unable to manage travellers in one line. Plane was 6 months old. IFE wasnt special. Racist crew “Only responded to the Western and Emarati People” We asked for a pillow before takeoff, we got it 20 mins before landing, while others got it Immediatley.

Note:- Food on all flights were very bad.


Travelling back from YSCB, some guy in my Grade had the window seat and had to go to the bathroom three times. To make it worse the in-flight entertainment system did not work.